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Guide to time settings adjustment

There is no need to emphasize how important time is for business, especially when it comes to sales. In such a case, planning your time and scheduling events smartly is crucial for the improvement of productivity. EspoCRM offers a great number of useful tools for effective business time management. But all your efforts may be fruitless if time settings of your system weren’t adjusted properly. Therefore, today we’ll show you how to configure the time settings.

In order to change your time settings, you can follow Administration > Settings and change them for the whole system. If a particular user wants to configure his time settings, he may also go to Preferences and change them.

Date Format

A date consists of three elements: Month, Date and Year. Depending on the country you live in and its usual date format, you can set different combinations of those three elements, e.g. “DD/MM/YYYY”. So, to change a date format, all you have to do is choose it from the list and press Save button.

Time Format

Along with date configurations EspoCRM also has configurations defined for time settings. Time settings can also be adjusted according to the country you live in and its usual time format. To make some changes, just choose the needed time format from the list and press Save button.

Time Zone

Setting the correct time zone is crucial to your system work. In EspoCRM it’s as simple as possible, you need to make just a few clicks. Choose the needed time zone from the list and press Save button.

Hope the information was useful for you! Thanks for paying attention!