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  • PDF: Ability to print header on each page #1603
  • Formula: string\match & string\matchAll functions #1609
  • Formula: array\at function #1608
  • Formula: ext\account\findByEmailAddressDomain function #1607
  • CLI command to set password for a specific user #1604
  • ORM: IFNULL & NULLIF functions

All …


  • Drop MySQL 5.6 support
  • Drop PHP 7.1 support
  • Drop MariaDB 10.0 support
  • PHP 7.4 support


  • Barcode field
  • PDF Templates: Date format helper
  • PDF Templates: Checkbox tag
  • PDF Templates: Ability to define custom helpers
  • PDF Templates: imageTag helper
  • PDF

Nowadays, taking advantage of modern cloud tools has become essential for any fast-developing business. CRM and ERP systems, accounting and email marketing tools, eCommerce platforms comprise only a small part of business inventory used by a regular company daily. Unfortunately, …

Since Advanced Pack version 2.4.0 it’s possible to send HTTP requests with Workflows and BPM tools.

Create a workflow rule. specify needed conditions and then add action Send HTTP Request.


Request Type: POST

Content-type: None

URL: https://api.telegram.org/TELEGRAM_BOT_ID/sendMessage


A lot of enhancements for BPM & Workflows.


  • Added ‘Call Activity’, ‘Sub-Process’, ‘Event Sub-Process’ elements.
  • Added ‘Error’, ‘Escalation’, ‘Signal’, ‘Message’ events.
  • Added boundary events, attachable to activities.
  • Visualization of process flow. Highlighting completed and active processed nodes with colors.

Finally, we released a new version. See below what’s new.


  • Dropped MySQL 5.5 support

Enhancements (new features):

  • Webhooks
  • Dashboard Templates
  • TOTP 2-factor authentication
  • Ability to assign a dashboard template for a specific portal user
  • Checklist field type
  • Preferences: Ability

EspoCRM offers a broad scope of possibilities. It helps your salespeople to manage leads, prospects and customers’ data. However, once your small business starts to grow, you’ll need additional business applications to interact with your growing audience. Platforms for email …

Even though English has become an international language of business, technologies and communication, people still prefer to use software translated into their native one. EspoCRM supports more than 20 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.). However, if your company …


  • Printing-to-PDF: Ability to print currency symbol.


All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/62?closed=1

Download: https://www.espocrm.com/download/

How to upgrade: https://www.espocrm.com/documentation/administration/upgrading/

If you don’t utilize portal users in your CRM, you might want your customers (contacts) be notified with an email when a new post is created in the stream of a case record.

Create a Workflow rule for ‘Note’ target …