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We released a big update of our Sales Pack extension. With the new version, an EspoCRM instance can be transformed to a fully-fledged inventory management tool. What’s new: Improvements: Changes: The Inventory Management features are compatible only with EspoCRM v8.0

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v8.1 is available. We made plenty of improvements in the existing functionalities, added PHP 8.3 support. We also changed the license from GPLv3 to AGPLv3. See the full release notes with links to GitHub issues below. International phone numbers An

Since the introduction of our extensions, we strived to provide our clients with the best possible tools and functionality at an affordable price and we are not going to change it. We have continually improved our products by adding new

We believe that open-source philosophy is a driving force that encourages innovation, provides endless customization capabilities, and fosters collaboration. That is why we made EspoCRM an open-source project and ensured that our software is accessible and adjustable for a wide

v8.0 is out. It’s a major release with a significant rework in the front-end and a few deprecations removals. It brings some new features and improvements. See more detail below. Navbar grouping The ability to group navbar tabs with dividers

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Organize Remote Work

Over the last five years, remote work has become the new normal. Since plenty of companies have transitioned from in-office to hybrid or fully remote work models, we all have friends or acquaintances who work from home even if we

Spamming Incident

The sad reality is that the advancements in security measures to protect sensitive data are accompanied by advancements in cyber threats as well. These threats include phishing emails that are designed to trick you into visiting malicious sites that steal

New features: API Before-Save script, Enum options re-use, URL-Multiple field type, and more.

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In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to create a simple billing system in EspoCRM. All actions will be performed via the user interface without any coding. This tutorial assumes that you have the Advanced Pack extension installed. Requirements: Entity We

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New features: PostgreSQL, OIDC Portal support, Dompdf engine, and more.

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