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Download: https://www.espocrm.com/download/

Upgrades: https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/


  • Ability to run jobs in parallel processes;
  • Ability to process cron jobs by daemon;
  • Ability to search in related record list;
  • Activities: Ability to search in Activities and History of a specific record;
  • Stream: Ability to search posts in

The efficient running of any business usually requires a thorough planning and skilful management. Modern technology provides companies with the advantages they have never had before. Being able to monitor business processes, access data in real-time, analyse previous marketing experience …

Bug-fixes: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/m…ne/52?closed=1

Download: https://www.espocrm.com/download/
Upgrades: https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/


  • Ability to search by array and multi-enum fields that have not defined option list;
  • Ability to use multi-enum fields w/o a defined option list.


All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/m…ne/51?closed=1

Download: https://www.espocrm.com/download/
Upgrades: https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/

Is it possible for a business company to become successful without changes? The answer is definitely no. Success demands continuous hard work and improvement throughout the entire company, especially in the sales department. Some companies think they will benefit from …


  • Import available for regular users;
  • List of all attachments available for administrator;
  • Full search capability for Array/Multi-enum fields;
  • Lead Capture (API entry point);
  • PDF Templates: Ability to pick font;
  • Stream: Forbiddance to edit and delete old own post by

A modern business climate is getting more competitive day by day and sometimes it’s pretty difficult to monitor and control business processes without special services. That is probably the main reason for a business company to address the benefits of …

A modern rhythm of life is so rapid that every person tries to simplify and automate the processes that they deal with, especially those concerned with business. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of companies, which because of their conservative views …

In May 25 2018, the European Union introduced the GDPR law which is already making a lot of organisations and institutions seek out new ways of complying with this directive.

The GPPR law is a regulation that requires various businesses …