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  • Dropped MySQL 5.1, 5.5.0, 5.5.1, 5.5.2 support;
  • DB: Using utf8mb4 by default;
  • DB: Using InnoDB by default.


  • My Activities dashlet: Ability to display Tasks;
  • Acl: Ability to edit own user;
  • Filters for File, Image, Attachment-Multiple fields;
  • Events: Ability


  • Supporting Print to PDF for all entity types.

Bug fixes:

  • Calendar dashlet not displaying;
  • ACL is not applied to chart dashlets;
  • Dropdown menu for list view items can be not visible on small screen sizes.

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/29?closed=1

Download: …

Enhancements & Improvements:

  • Chart dashlets: Date filter ranges;
  • Export: Link-multiple fields support.

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/28?closed=1

Download: https://www.espocrm.com/download/
Upgrades: https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/


  • Group Email Accounts: Ability to use for mail sending;
  • Mass Email: Ability to use group SMTP account;
  • Markdown: Supporting lists, horizontal lines, headers;
  • Cases: Attachments field;
  • Leads: Ability to create lead w/ empty person name;
  • Roles: Export Permission parameter;

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User has an access to see only emails related to his/him team. When opportunity (or other entity type) gets assigned to that user, emails related to that opportunity are still not visible for that user.


The problem can …

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  • Label Manager – Ability to customize application labels;
  • UI: Displaying number of new notifications;
  • Field Manager: Ability to specify default value for link fields;
  • Contact: Ability to mark account inactive;
  • ACL Strict Mode support;
  • Ability to search by meeting’s

Note: This feature is available since EspoCRM 4.7.0 and Advanced Pack 1.22.0.

Assume that we have the field dateOfBirth in Contact entity.

1. Create new list report for Contacts.
2. In the filter section click Add Complex Expression and specify …