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AI - Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and permeated virtually every aspect of our lives. And though many of us think of AI as those intelligent robots in the 2004 sci-fi action film, “I, Robot”, in fact, it

We released! In the new version the major part of the codebase has been rewritten. The new improved codebase makes the system more robust as well as provides more flexible customization abilities. With the more mature framework a developer experience

Running business operations in siloed apps that do not communicate with one another is highly inefficient and can be detrimental to a company. Inconsistent and incomplete data may slow down workflows, cause mistakes, and lead to weaker business performance. This

To run successfully, software applications used in today’s business environment normally need a staggering amount of dependencies, such as various libraries, packages, frameworks, and other software components. Needless to mention that running several applications on one operating system often causes

Exporting data from Zurmo CRM Zurmo CRM is a gamified CRM solution that was designed to meet the needs of small businesses and make the process of software adoption smoother for the end-users. However, with the growth of your company,

Now it is possible to display non-aggregated columns in grid reports. Records will be displayed under each group and group total rows displayed in the bottom. See the screenshot bellow. To create such a report you need to add at

As a business owner, you will probably agree that present-day customers are accustomed to interacting with their favorite brands in any convenient way – be it phone, email, social media direct messages, etc. With all these channels remaining separate and

Throughout its history, humankind has invented hundreds of ways to communicate with each other – from using a pigeon post to sending messages via the Internet. Even though modern time offers a wide range of communication channels, most entrepreneurs, sales

The software you use for your business should be all about simplicity of use and user-friendliness. Everyone will agree that the more thought-through the interface of the software is, the easier it is to find needed data and the more

Your customers are the heart of your business regardless of the industry your company belongs to. When they choose your company among the other options, they entrust you with their personal data and expect that you will handle it responsibly.