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We’re proud to announce that a series of recognitions came our way, thanks to one of the leading software review sites online. EspoCRM was recently scrutinized by trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and rose to the challenge, earning a positive 8.0 …

With the growth of a company and the expanse in its customer base inevitably comes an increase in the number of tasks, as well. Managers may be forced to handle and process an enormous amount of information which, in turn, …


  • Label Manager – Ability to customize application labels;
  • UI: Displaying number of new notifications;
  • Field Manager: Ability to specify default value for link fields;
  • Contact: Ability to mark account inactive;
  • ACL Strict Mode support;
  • Ability to search by meeting’s

Note: This feature is available since EspoCRM 4.7.0 and Advanced Pack 1.22.0.

Assume that we have the field dateOfBirth in Contact entity.

1. Create new list report for Contacts.
2. In the filter section click Add Complex Expression and specify …

We have released the new 4.7.0 version.


  • Stream: Keep post contents stored when leaving page;
  • Ability to export to excel;
  • Users: Preview generated password enhancement;
  • Settings: Ability to configure Currency format and Decimal Place;
  • Formula: Datetime functions date, month,


  • Last Viewed – ability to see last viewed records;
  • Action History feature for administrators;
  • Link field filters: ‘Is Not’, ‘Is Not One Of’;
  • Link Multiple field filters: ‘Is Empty’, ‘Is Not Empty’, ‘None Of’;
  • Formula: Number\round function;
  • Ability to


  • Stream: Auto-follow entity after posting in Stream (configurable in preferences);
  • Import: Ability to specify timezone for datetime fields;
  • Import: Time format ‘HH:mm:ss’ added;
  • In-app Notifications: Mark notification about received email as read once email is read;
  • Formula: datetime\diff function

What’s new:

  • Calculated fields;
  • Navbar: Ability to hide certain tabs into ‘More’ dropdown menu;
  • Layout Manager: Side panels sorting;
  • New theme ‘Hazyblue’;
  • Case: Automatically followed by portal user if contact is specified;
  • Date/Datetime: ‘Older than X days’ and ‘After X

At last we’ve released new 4.3.0 version of EspoCRM. EspoCRM 4.3.0 has lots of great new features and enhancements.

Dynamic Logic - Entity Manager

What’s new:

  • Dynamic logic. Dynamic forms configurable through admin’s UI.
  • Entity Manager: Base Plus entity type with Activities, History, Tasks panels.

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