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Exporting contact data from SuiteCRM

Exporting contact information from SuiteCRM is a rather simple and intuitive process. Let’s sort out how it is done. In order to start migrating contact data from SuiteCRM, go to Contacts module. On the List …

Moving to new CRM always presupposes transferring data either from the previous one or from the spreadsheets. Yet, data migration is often a challenging process that causes annoyance and confusion, especially when you migrate a large database containing thousands of …

Exporting Contacts from Zoho CRM

There are three different methods to get the contact data out of Zoho CRM instance. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Method 1. Navigate to Zoho Contact module, click the menu icon …

This article is aimed at ensuring quick and smooth customer data migration from Hubspot. We hope that it will be useful and make exporting of your customer information efficient and fast.

Exporting contact data from Hubspot CRM

To start …


  • Navbar: Additional ‘Show more’ delimiter for tabs #1637
  • Layouts: Bottom Panels layout instead of Relationships #1654
  • Layouts: Ability to hide certain detail view panels under ‘show more’ #1653
  • Layouts: ‘Show more’ delimiter for bottom and side panels layouts #1629

The efficient management and organization of customer data are crucial factors that influence the development and growth of any business. That is the reason why companies are in a constant search of tools that will provide the best functionality for …

The era of remote work has officially begun. Nowadays, more and more companies start implementing remote work strategies and moving their businesses online. While some employees perceive working at home as a royal blessing or manna from heaven, for others …


  • PDF: Ability to print header on each page #1603
  • Formula: string\match & string\matchAll functions #1609
  • Formula: array\at function #1608
  • Formula: ext\account\findByEmailAddressDomain function #1607
  • CLI command to set password for a specific user #1604
  • ORM: IFNULL & NULLIF functions

All …


  • Drop MySQL 5.6 support
  • Drop PHP 7.1 support
  • Drop MariaDB 10.0 support
  • PHP 7.4 support


  • Barcode field
  • PDF Templates: Date format helper
  • PDF Templates: Checkbox tag
  • PDF Templates: Ability to define custom helpers
  • PDF Templates: imageTag helper
  • PDF

Nowadays, taking advantage of modern cloud tools has become essential for any fast-developing business. CRM and ERP systems, accounting and email marketing tools, eCommerce platforms comprise only a small part of business inventory used by a regular company daily. Unfortunately, …