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  • Dropped MyISAM support #1775


  • Import: Ability to run import with parameters of a previously run import #1736
  • Import: Ability to resume failed import from the last processed row #1735
  • Import: Ability to run from CLI #1734
  • Emails: Ability

Supporting MyISAM engine was dropped in EspoCRM v6.0+. All tables should be converted to InnoDB engine, otherwise some problems may occur.

This can be done by one of the following methods:

  1. Using the database tools such as phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench,
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Exporting data from Creatio (bpm’online)

To start extracting contact data out of Creatio, navigate to Contacts module. If you want to export all contact data, click Actions dropdown and select Export to Excel option.

Creatio Export Screen 1

Creatio Export Screen 2

Note that the export file will …

Nutshell Export Screen 1

Exporting contact data from Nutshell

Exporting contact data

To start exporting contact data out of Nutshell, navigate to the list view of the People module. You need to bear in mind that the export file will include only those rows …

Pipedrive Export Screen 1

Exporting contact data from Pipedrive

Exporting a particular list of contact records

If you want to extract only certain type of contact data, navigate to Contacts module and use filter feature to select the needed records or choose them manually. …

Exporting contact data from Infusionsoft CRM

To begin exporting contact records from Infusionsoft CRM, navigate to CRM > Contacts module. You can choose only a certain list of contacts (using the Search feature to filter them) or Select All records

Yetiforce Export Screen 1

Exporting contact data from Yetiforce CRM

To start extracting contact data out of Yetiforce, go to the List view of the Contacts module. If you want to export only certain records, you can select them manually from the list or …