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EspoCRM 7.4 released


Over the years, we’ve been receiving plenty of requests for adding PostgreSQL database support. Finally, after significant refactoring work, we have it. For now, it’s supported in an experimental mode, meaning that flawless work of all features and extensions is not yet guaranteed.

OIDC Portal support

Portals now can use a separate OIDC authentication provider.

Dompdf engine

EspoCRM used the Tcpdf engine for PDF printing. Users have been often complaining about its limitations in CSS support, not allowing them to compose more sophisticated PDF documents. We’ve added a Dompdf engine implementation, which has much more complete CSS support.

Exporting big XLSXs

There was a memory consumption problem when exporting big numbers of records to XLSX format. With the new Lite mode, the issue is resolved.

MariaDB performance improvements

Some optimization work has been done. As result, when using the MariaDB database, some list view queries perform much faster. An especially important improvement is in filtering records by teams, which is always applied for users that have access limited by their teams. MariaDB gained some advantage over MySQL with their optimizer, which allowed us to achieve this performance improvement.

Inline calculation

After entering the = character, user can enter a simple math expression with +-*/().

Release notes


  • PDF: Dompdf engine #2564
  • OIDC: Portal support #2578
  • PostgreSQL experimental support #2605
  • Hard database rebuild #2592
  • Formula: if-then-else & while statements #2536
  • Formula: break & continue in while-loops #2551
  • Formula: record\delete function #2652
  • Formula: string\matchExtract function #2651
  • Formula: ext\currency\convert function #2659


  • MariaDB performance improvements #2601
  • Currency field: Support Decimal DB type #2547
  • Int/Float/Currency fields: Inline calculation #2552
  • XLSX export: Less memory consuming mode #2534
  • XLSX export: Parameters enabling printing title & links to records #2533
  • Email: View attachments in modal #2553
  • Separate parameter to configure number of records initially displayed in Kanban columns #2526

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/153?closed=1

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