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Version 7.3

EspoCRM v7.3 is released. See what’s new below.

Working calendar

The ability to schedule working and non-working days for teams and users. See more in the docs.

OIDC authentication

The ability to authenticate with identity providers that support OpenID Connect.

Group email folders

Before, Espo had only personal email folders. If a user moved an email to a folder, it did not have any effect for other users. The group email folders are shared for teams. Admin can create group email folders and specify which teams have access to a particular folder.

Release notes


  • PHP 8.2 support
  • Drop PHP 7.4 support


  • Working Calendar #2415
  • Logging in as another user for admin #2444
  • OIDC authentication #2455
  • Email: Group folders #2467
  • Separate list view for related records #2485
  • Meeting/Call: Ability to send cancellation emails for not-held events #2518


  • Selectbox improvements #2508
  • Checkbox visual improvement #2507
  • Reminder: Allowing to specify arbitrary values #2511
  • Email: Mass Move-to-Folder action #2441
  • Email filter: Mark as read #2479
  • Email: Drag and dropping into folders #2466
  • Email: Shortcut keys #2489
  • Email: Corresponding from-address pre-selected when replying to email #2522
  • Meeting/Call: Users automatically follow events they are participating in #2512
  • Meeting/Call: Ability to select attendees when sending invitation email #2517
  • Meeting/Call: Stream note about attendance confirmation #2505
  • Meeting/Call: Scheduler on modal edit view #2521
  • Number field: Console command to populate numbers for existing records #232
  • Login-handler framework #2446
  • Meeting/Call: In-app notifications for users added as attendees #2492
  • Record service: Ability to specify what access is required when linking records (in metadata) #2503
  • Sync login/logout between browser tabs #2506
  • Email address/Phone number: Is-invalid boolean field #2520
  • Formula: Ability to obtain emailAddressData, phoneNumberData from entity #2528
  • Currency no-join mode #2535

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/144?closed=1