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EspoCRM 7.2 is out

We have a new version with a bunch of improvements, even though it’s a minor version number change. See below for more details.


The theme framework was overhauled which allowed us to make cosmetic improvements in all themes. Moreover, we added a new theme that looks completely different from any theme we had before.

Detail view tabs

Panels on the detail view now can be grouped by tabs.

Mass-Update improvement

The ability to add or remove values when doing mass-update. E.g. when you need to add a specific team to multiple records but don’t want to lose current teams.

Field types that now have multiple actions:

  • Link-multiple,
  • Multi-enum/Array,
  • Attachment-multiple.

Shortcut keys

Saving while editing a field, switching to the next record, switching to edit mode, quick saving. See the full shortcut key list here.

Release notes


  • Detail view tabs #2379
  • Bottom panel tabs #2384
  • Mass Update: Ability to add/remove items #2310
  • Import: Errors panel #2372
  • Email: Custom fields support #2366
  • Separate view for stream note records #2398
  • Varchar/Multi-enum/Array fields: Pattern parameter to check a value against #2360
  • Command renaming custom entity type #2318


  • Shortcut keys #2393
  • Theme improvements #2386
  • New Glass theme #2392
  • Activities panel: Create icon buttons #2399
  • Ability to select multiple records on the list view by holding the shift key #2410
  • Ability to reset custom sorting #2376
  • Layout manager: Ability to hide a label in the list column header #2359
  • Layout manager: Ability to specify list column width in pixels #2358
  • Stream: Ability to customize Attachments and Post fields #2357
  • Server-side validation for uploaded file extensions #2356
  • No need for webserver access to node_modules in developer mode #2352
  • Uploading files in chunks #2329


  • Import: Field validation #2373
  • Field parameter readOnly to be taken into account server-side #2375


  • Security headers for client page #2402
  • More strict server-side field validation #2374


  • Ability to define custom dropdown actions for quick view modal in metadata #2353

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/136?closed=1

Possible compatibility issues

Rest API

Fields that are set as read-only (field parameter, not dynamic logic) will be ignored in POST and PUT requests. Example: When sending a PUT request to update a read-only field, it won’t update anymore.

If you are sending an enum value that is not one of the available options, it will cause a validation error. Example: Sending a status ‘Success’ when available values are ‘Planned’, ‘Held’, ‘Not Held’. Example: Sending a value null when the empty value is not in the list of available options.

Omitting an enum field value in a POST request when the field does not have a default value will cause a validation error.