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Monthly Archives: July 2014

There is an ability to define a form behavior in EspoCRM. Example: Need to show nextStep field on Opportunity detail view only if stage is ‘Closed Won’.

What’s new: Added presets for a list view search. Ability to create personal presets of filters. Ability to duplicate meetings and calls. Ability to disable export for regular users. Notifications now are created in cron process. This prevents the system

EspoCRM can be installed on: Apache (instructions), Nginx (instructions), or IIS server with PHP version 7.4 and later MySQL 5.7 (and later), or MariaDB 10.1 (and later) Configuration Recommendations for EspoCRM PHP Requirements EspoCRM requires PHP 7.3 or greater, with

Wow! We have added some essential features. Contact can be related to multiple Accounts. Ability to specify the role of the relationship. Multiple phone numbers per entity. Added role of Contact-Opportunity relationship. LDAP Authentication. Dynamic forms. Behaviour is declared in

EspoCRM has built-in own ORM (Object-relational mapping). It’s very simple to create, update, read, delete and search entities. All these operations available through EntityManager object. EntityManager is available in record Services by method #getEntityManager().