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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Enhancements: WebSocket support; Ability to restore deleted records for admin; ‘Recalculate Formula’ mass action for admin; Ability to mass unlink related records; Ability to view & manage a list of followers of a specific record; Meetings: All-day meetings; Meetings/Calls: Acceptance

Probably everyone who has ever utilized a software developed for public use has found himself or herself in a situation when a specific feature doesn’t work the way it should. Such problems with functionalities are called bugs. One of the

Having appeared only a few decades ago, customer relationship management (CRM) software is considered both the keystone and the foundation of a successful and profitable business company nowadays. Every day, more and more companies and organizations integrate CRM tools and

In the modern era of rapidly developing digital advances, technologies are changing and becoming obsolete every day. Many of them fade away from our memories just as promptly as they appeared in our lives leaving only a trace of nostalgia,