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About Us

In brief

Since 2011, our company helps businesses to develop faster and succeed. In 2014, we released EspoCRM, a platform that solves simple and tough challenges a company faces at each stage of its lifecycle, from basic customer relationship management to complex business process automation. Now, EspoCRM is a technology that is focused on putting customers at the heart of your business and accelerating your company’s growth.

In more detail

Letrium LTD was founded in Ukraine in 2011 by a group of three friends Oleksii Avramenko, Yuri Kuznetsov, and Taras Machyshyn. During the first years of its existence, the company was dealing with CRM-related customization and development services. Most of the clients – small and mid-size companies – were looking for a customized solution that can address their industry-specific needs. The out-of-the-box CRMs were either too expensive for a small company or too difficult to self-customize to fit the requirements of a particular business.

EspoCRM Team

In 2014, during a regular weekly meeting, Oleksii Avramenko initiated an in-depth discussion of the future of the CRM market and open-source solutions. This lengthy conversation has sparked the idea to create open-source software that would be affordable for a company of any size and at the same time easily tailored to the needs of any industry.

Having analyzed the demands of the market, the team divided the project into parts and began working on turning the idea into reality. Yuri Kuznetsov, the chief developer of the project, developed the architecture of the application, the front-end framewok, UI/UX. Taras Machyshyn worked on parts of the back-end, installation, upgrade scripts, database schema generation, application metadata. Oleksii Avramenko dealt with website creation, database administration, sales, and marketing.

Finally, the first version of EspoCRM was released after about 10 months of hard work on the project. The product was published on Sourceforge and soon became a success. It was a groundbreaking solution with a simple, intuitive interface that offered tools for increasing business performance for free. We received positive feedback from the first users. They recommended the product to their friends, left reviews on various platforms, and so the number of clients was growing.

Nowadays, EspoCRM is utilized by more than 50,000 companies all around the globe and the number continues to grow. Backed up by the enthusiastic team of developers, the software is improving exponentially with new features, bug fixes, and updates being released regularly. The pride in helping businesses to succeed inspires us to perfect our solution and provide even better service to our customers.