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EspoCRM 8.2 released

The full release notes and upgrade notes can be found below. A few features we find the most interesting are described in this post. For other issues, see GitHub issue links.

List view pagination

Available on:

  • Main list views;
  • Related records modal;
  • Related records list view.


  • Functioning together with ‘Show More’ button. Both can be used.
  • Displayed on a sticky bar when the page is scrolled down.


  • Going to the next/previous page;
  • Going to the first/last pages;
  • Jumping to a page by number;
  • Shortcuts Ctrl + Arrow Left, Ctrl + Arrow Right.

Panel notes

The ability to specify a text that will be displayed at the top of a detail view panel. Available only in the Detail layout. Markdown is supported.

By utilizing Dynamic Logic that controls panel visibility, it’s possible to display a note only if a specific criteria is met.

Audit Log

The ability to view field updates w/o Stream enabled for an entity type. Access is controlled by the Audit permission in roles.

Navbar tabs with custom URLs

The ability to define custom URLs for tabs.

  • URLs can start with #. This allows to follow to pages of the application, e.g. some administration settings.
  • The ability to define access with the ACL Scope parameter.
  • The ability to allow only for admin.

Wysiwyg: Code view improvements

  • HTML autocompletion & formatting;
  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Improved UX;
  • Auto-resize to fit contents.

Global Stream

A separate page where users can see all stream notes, not only related to records they follow. The ability to perform search: by specific fields or by a text filter. Notes that user don’t have access to are not listed.

  • Access to the Global Stream is controlled by Roles.
  • A separate navbar tab is available.
  • Can be also reached from the Stream page.

Release notes


  • List view pagination #3018
  • Audit Log #2979
  • Global Stream #2944
  • Stream: View user activity #2945


  • Applying time zone for scheduled jobs #2936
  • Ability to define custom order to apply when selecting related records #2941
  • Filling email address when compose email from Base Plus entity #2942
  • PDF: Ability to define CSS in Templates #2949
  • Wysiwyg: Code view improvements #2951
  • PDF: Iteration with attribute #2952
  • Config override #2916
  • Import: Relate by foreign field #2956
  • Ability to override API routes #2962
  • Link-Parent field: Parameter to enable autocomplete on empty input #2963
  • Roles: UX improvements #2968
  • Calendar: Slot duration parameter in preferences #2971
  • Emails: Record search when adding email addresses #2973
  • Navbar tabs with custom URLs #2974
  • Panel notes #2977
  • Formula: entity\clearAttribute function #2980
  • Adding prefix to entity type, field & link names #2988
  • Primary filter in URI parameter in list view #2990
  • Relationship Manager: Ability to specify select primary filter #3002


  • Decreasing max length of City, Country & State fields #2986

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/181?closed=1

Upgrade notes

All Repository classes from this directory have been removed. If you extend any of these classes in your customizations, extend from Espo\Core\Repositories\Database instead.

Service classes from this directory have been removed. If you extend any of these classes in your customizations, extend from Espo\Services\Record instead.

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