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Search types in EspoCRM: What you should know

Probably, everyone has found himself in a situation, when you need to find a specific piece of information (e.g. a person’s address or company’s contacts), but due to bad luck, immense database and some other obstructions, you can’t succeed in doing it. There are several types of search in EspoCRM that can make your search faster and more efficient. So, let’s figure out how to make the most of them!

Global Search

Actually, it’s the quickest search type that carries out a search in multiple entity types at the same time. All you have to do is to type the text you want to find, press search button and wait for the results.

Global Search

Record List View Search

When you are looking for information about a specific entity type (Account, Contact, Lead etc.), this search type is extremely useful and handy, as it allows you to use various filters that will make the search results meet your search criteria. To configure search filters, click Add Field, for example, we’ll choose Teams. You are able to choose as many filter fields as you want.

List View Search

Then, you have to choose the team from the list to which the contact belongs, for example, let it be the Sales Department.

Search Filters

Search by Teams

As you can see, you are able to add more than one team to filter field. Finally, to see the results, click the search button.

Search Results

If you want to find the contacts that have certain letters in the beginning of their names, just type * or % after the letters you want to find. To find contacts that have certain letters at the end of their names, just type * or % before the letters you want to find. In both cases to see the results, click the search button. It’s extremely convenient if you remember only a part of the name of a person or a company.

Search by Mask

Full-Text Search

To optimize the searching process and make it more comprehensible,you can also use full-text. It is disabled by default, so to use it for a specified entity type you have to enable it.

For instance, we’ll enable full-text search for Contacts. In order to do that, go to Administration > Entity Manager > Edit Contact > check the Full-text search checkbox and press Save button.

Full Text Search Settings Path

Full Text Search Settings

Then to save all the changes, you have to go back to Administration and run Rebuild.


Now, we are able to perform full-text search for Contacts and let’s try to do it. As an example, we’ll utilize full-text search with + operator that indicates that this word must be present in the search result. In order to find all contacts that have a word “Erika”, you have type ft:+erika, press the search button and see the results:

Full Text Search Example

To find out more information about other full-text search operators, see: https://www.espocrm.com/documentation/user-guide/text-search/

Hope the information was useful for you! Thanks for paying attention!