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EspoCRM 5.7.0 relesed

Finally, we released a new version. See below what’s new.


  • Dropped MySQL 5.5 support

Enhancements (new features):

  • Webhooks
  • Dashboard Templates
  • TOTP 2-factor authentication
  • Ability to assign a dashboard template for a specific portal user
  • Checklist field type
  • Preferences: Ability to disable assignment notifications for specific entity types
  • Ability to define ‘not actual’ statuses for out-of-the-box entity types
  • Layout Manager: Supporting 3 and 4 cells per row in Detail layout
  • Layout Manager: New ‘Side Panel Fields’ layout type
  • Convert Currency mass action for all entity types
  • Convert Currency action in detail view
  • Email Accounts: SMTP Auth Mechanism param
  • File/Attachment-multiple fields: Ability to define which file types can be accepted
  • Stream dashlet: Parameter to display only actions made by other users
  • Passwords: ‘Generate new password’ action on user detail view (admin-only)
  • Formula: password\generate & password\hash functions
  • Formula: Record functions findOne, findRelatedOne, attribute
  • Import: Link-multiple IDs support
  • Ability to disable record count (on list view) for specific entity types


  • Passwords: Ability to disable password recovery (for admin and all users)
  • Passwords: ‘Length of generated passwords’ settings parameter
  • Passwords: Strength parameters


  • ACL: Users have read access to their teams by default (in strict mode)
  • Settings: ‘ACL Strict Mode’ param not allowed to be changed from UI
  • Multiple bool filters are combined with ‘OR’ operator

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/63?closed=1

How to upgrade