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How to upgrade EspoCRM

Upgrade from CLI

Available from version 5.6.0.

This is the most preferable way to upgrade.

Command to run:

php command.php upgrade

This will check the next available version, download it and install. Once upgrade is complete it will prompt to run the command again, if a newer version is available.

Available Parameters:

  • -y - disable confirmation.
  • -s - run an upgrade in a single process.
  • --file="EspoCRM-upgrade.zip" - specify a path to an upgrade package.

Example of using parameters:

php command.php upgrade -y --file="EspoCRM-upgrade.zip"


  1. Make a backup before upgrading.
  2. Disable cron (at Administration > Settings) before upgrading. Enable it back after upgrade is finished.
  3. Enable 'Maintenance Mode' (at Administration > Settings) before upgrading. Disable after upgrade is finished.

Upgrade from UI

Step 1. Check your current version

To check your current version go to Administration > Upgrade page.

Step 2. Download needed upgrade packages

Go to the upgrade page https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/ and based on your currect version download needed packages.

Step 3. Run upgrade from Administration panel

Go to Administration > Upgrade. Upload and install one by one upgrade packages.

Applying upgrade package from CLI

Execute the following command from EspoCRM root directory:

php upgrade.php /path/to/upgrade/package.zip