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How to upgrade EspoCRM

EspoCRM can be upgraded to the latest version by the following steps:

Step 1. Check your current version

To check your current version go to Administration > Upgrade page.

Step 2. Download needed upgrade packages

Go to the upgrade page https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/ and based on your currect version download needed packages.

Step 3. Create a backup (optional)

Create a backup of your EspoCRM files and data before upgrading. Follow these instructions to get it done.

Step 4. Upgrade process

Go to Administration > Upgrade. Upload and install one by one upgrade packages.

You can check whether you have the latest version at Menu > About.

Upgrade via CLI

You can also run upgrade via command line interface. You need to execute the following command from EspoCRM root directory:

php upgrade.php /path/to/upgrade/package.zip