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Fetching Emails


EspoCRM has an ability to monitor IMAP mailboxes. Email can be archived in two ways: Group Email Accounts and Personal Email Accounts. Group Inbound Accounts are intended for group mailboxes: the most common case is a support box. Personal Email Accounts are intended for users’ personal mailboxes.

As email is coming the system is trying to link it with an appropriate record (Acconts, Lead, Opportunity, Case). Users who follow that record will receive notification about a new email in the system. Even if they are not in To or CC.

Group Email Accounts

Only administrator can setup Group Email Accounts. It’s possible to select team that incoming emails will be assigned to. There is an ability to make the system send auto-reply email.


There is an option to make the system create cases from incoming group emails. This feature is intended for support teams. Cases can be distributed to users from a specified team following next ways: direct assignment, round-robin and less-busy. Only the first email in the thread creates a new case. Every following one will be linked to the existing case record and displayed in its Stream panel.

When users want to send a reply to the customer they need to make sure that the case in selected as a parent of the email that is being sent. It will make the customer reply to the group email address rather than to user’s one.

Personal Email Accounts

Users can setup their own email accounts that are needed to be monitored. Emails > Top Right Dropdown Menu > Personal Email Accounts. Administrator also can manage users’ email accounts.

Email Filters

Allow to filter incoming emails according to specified criteria. E.g. if you don’t need notification messages sent by some application be imported to EspoCRM you can create filter to make EspoCRM to skip them.

Admin can create global filters, applied to all email accounts, leaving Parent field empty. Users can create filters for only own personal email account.

8 comments on “Fetching Emails
  1. bd says:


    I have set up a team with IMAP and 3 members are supposed to use this account.

    I have some questions:
    – Does each of the members also need the individual SMTP configuration?
    – EspoCRM seemingly does not filter emails according to the drop-down menu; I can only view emails when the filter is set to “All”, there are no emails under “Sent”, “Draft”, etc. even though some have a status of “Sent”.


  2. yuri says:

    Hello. I want to ask about e-mail sending in espo crm. when I try to send email with my smtp setting of mywebsite is success.. But If I’d like to send with another smtp settings for instance gmail, yahoo or another domain I can not send.. I am getting message 500 refuse.. I must use same website to send emaill? or I have problem with my espo?

  3. Yogita says:

    I am connecting to emails but in SMTP i set the server name , port n try to send test mail but i get this error …..
    error 500: outboundEmailFromAddress is not specified in config
    so will you guide me how to do connectivity with SMTP and how to send mails

  4. I provided the email connection. But the incoming mail is empty.

    • Tanya says:

      Check if crontab (in case of Linux OS) is set. Also check if needed Scheduled Jobs are active ( Check (Personal | Group) Email Accounts) and also their log

    • Tony says:

      I’m having the same exact issue… did you ever figure that out? If so, please share

  5. Oscar says:


    I would like to know how to configure different Inbox for each mail account i have configured for user.

    At this moment i only have 1 inbox mail and i’m not able to switch between the 2 accounts.

    Kind regards,