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EspoCRM 3.1.0 released

This release is one of the our most favorite.

What’s new:

  • Auto-follow parameter in users’ preferences. Users can setup what types of records they will follow automatically for every new entry.
    Campaign and Target Lists added (w/o mass email for now).
  • New unread emails are emphasized in email list view.
  • Ability to setup assignment permission in roles. It allows to restrict the ability for certain users to assign records to other users.
  • Email signature for users.
  • Ability to specify task’s date start and date end w/o time.
  • Ability to select all search result in list view. It allows to export, mass update, remove all records in search result. It also allows to select a big amount of records and relate them to target list.
  • Ability to save email as draft.
  • Quick preview for records in list views. Quick preview for emails in Stream. No need to open the record in the new tab if you don’t want to leave the current page.
  • Ability to create Lead from Email. If you receive an email from the new potential client you often need to create a new lead. This feature simplifies the process as you don’t need to copy-paste name and email address of the email sender.
  • Dashboard tabs support.
  • Calendar improvements.



There is the trick you need to do to upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0:

2 comments on “EspoCRM 3.1.0 released
  1. joani says:

    solo quiero saber si la informacion que se guarda esta en otro servidor y se puede manejar el sistema por internet

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