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EspoCRM 3.7.0 released

What’s new:

  • Mass Email. Email Marketing.
  • Major list view improvement. When navigate back to list view it doesn’t get reloaded.
  • Ability to setup a custom tab list in user preferences.
  • If an email has any attachment an icon is shown on an email list view.
  • Email Filters. Allow to filter incoming emails according to specified criteria. Those emails won’t be imported.
  • Email replies now get linked with replied email.
  • Added some Inbound Email settings.
  • Ability to mark an email as important.
  • ‘Last X Days’ and ‘Next X Days’ filters for Date and Datetime fields.
  • Import Improvement. ‘Update Only’ import type.
  • Import Improvement. Ability to specify criteria by which records will be taken for update.
  • Ability to see Calendar of other users. Available from user’s detail view.
  • My Activities dashlet.
  • Wysiwyg field type.