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EspoCRM 3.6.0 released

What’s new:

  • Themes support.
  • Theme with sidebar. Good for widescreens and tablets.
  • ‘Sakura’ theme.
  • ‘Is Sorted’ parameter for Enum fields. Sorts list alphabetically.
  • Record count now can be displayed on list view (configurable in Administration > User Interface).
  • Ability to create new records from dashlets.
  • ‘Multiple Attachments’ field type.
  • User receives notification if any followed entity gets removed by someone.
  • Ability to keep fetched emails unread on imap server.
  • Audited option for fields now is available in Entity Manager. Allows to see a history of changes in Stream panel.
  • Case can be related with multiple Contacts.
  • Improved Global Search.
  • Improved navigation bar for small screen sizes.
  • ‘Last 7 Days’ filter for date and datetime fields.
  • Layout Manager: ability to reset to default.