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EspoCRM 5.5.0 released


  • Ability to run jobs in parallel processes;
  • Ability to process cron jobs by daemon;
  • Ability to search in related record list;
  • Activities: Ability to search in Activities and History of a specific record;
  • Stream: Ability to search posts in record’s stream;
  • Template manager (customizing email messages sent by application);
  • Enum field: Ability to specify color style for options;
  • Ability to define autocomplete country list;
  • Varchar field: Ability to define autocomplete suggestions;
  • Stream: Pasted link to internal record automatically gets changed to a short form;
  • Stream: Image gets attached to post when image url is pasted;
  • Ability to re-check system requirements for administrator;
  • Calls: Displaying phone numbers on detail view;
  • API Users (API Keys, HMAC);
  • Layout Manager: Ability to specify conditions making side and relationship panels visible;
  • Fiscal Year Start parameter;
  • Field Manager: ‘Disable Inline Edit’ parameter;
  • Date-Time field: ‘Minutes Step’ parameter;
  • Email Templates: Today and Now placeholders;
  • Timeline: Displaying busy timeframes in shared view;
  • ACL: ‘Mass Update’ permission.


  • Improved UX of side menu in vertical themes;
  • List view: Actions dropdown sticked on scrolling;
  • Printing to PDF: Ability to loop through link-multiple collection;
  • Tasks: ‘Complete’ button on the quick view;
  • Text field: Cutting long text not breaking formatting;
  • Last Viewed: Ability to show more than 20 records;
  • Sorting by Person Name performs sorting by First Name and Last Name;
  • Emails: Relate email with parent record when clicking on email address on relationship panel;
  • Kanban: Sticking kanban header to the top while scrolling;
  • Email-to-Case: Description and attachments copied from email;
  • Cleaning up relationship tables improvement.


  • Latvian language;
  • Persian language.

All issues: https://github.com/espocrm/espocrm/milestone/48?closed=1 (some items contain more info inside)

Download: https://www.espocrm.com/download/

Upgrades: https://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/