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EspoCRM 4.2.0 released


What’s new:

  • Field Manager: Added ‘Number’ field type.
  • Entity Manager: Added ‘Event’ entity type. Such entities can be displayed in Calendar.
  • Stream: Ability to create internal posts that won’t be seen by portal users. Enabled for Cases by default.
  • Stream: Support drag-and-drop to attach files.
  • Knowledge Base: Ability to order articles.
  • Google Maps: API keys support.
  • Duplicate action now is available for all entity types by default.
  • Email Folders.
  • Emails: Added ‘Is Not Replied’ filter.
  • Emails: Admin can search emails by the specific email account they were imported from.
  • Emails: Filter ‘Sent by (User)’.
  • Emails: Abiltiy to automatically put incoming emails in specific folders depending on filters or specific email account.
  • Emails: Option to force plain text emails be replied in HTML.
  • Emails: Ability to use multiple SMTP accounts for users.
  • Email Filters: Filters can be applied for all emails incoming to specific user.
  • Import: Created At and Created By fields now available.
  • Email notifications about mentions.
  • Email notifications about posts and status updates.
  • Accounts: Recently Created filter.

Download here: http://www.espocrm.com/download/
Upgrade packages here: http://www.espocrm.com/download/upgrades/