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EspoCRM 3.9.0 released

What’s new:

  • Added Map field to display map based on address field. Available for all address fields. Google Maps service is used.
  • Emails: Ability to move emails to trash. Email won’t be removed from the system but it won’t be listed in Inbox.
  • Entity Manager: Ability to create different Many-to-Many relationships between same entities.
  • Entity Manager: Ability to create Link Multiple fields.
  • Added ‘Is Empty’ and ‘Is Not Empty’ filters for Varchar fields.
  • Added ‘Is Empty’ and ‘Is Not Empty’ filters for Link Parent fields.
  • Added ‘Is One Of’ filter for link fields. Makes possible to search by multiple related records.
  • Documents: Small UI improvement.
  • Target Lists: Ability to opt-out specific targets manually through UI.
  • Email Template: Added new field ‘One-off’. Allows to hide not actual email templates from the list.
  • Group Email Accounts: Ability to make incoming emails to appear in Inbox of all team members.
  • List view improvement: when return to the list the record selection is kept.
  • Ability to navigate through images in a preview popup.
  • Auth Tokens: Ability to setup lifetime and max idle time. Available in Administration > Authentication. Useful for security reasons.
  • Confirmation popup shows up when leave detail view while inline edit.
  • Now records, user has no access to view, are not listed in Activities and History panels.