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EspoCRM 3.0.0 released

3 comments on “EspoCRM 3.0.0 released
  1. Hugo says:

    I’m really impressed by EspoCRM, it is awesome, really!!!

    I’m a backend developer in PHP with 15 years of experience and I would say that EspoCRM is my favorite app/framework of all time.
    Even is there is a lack of documentation, the code is clear and easy to go. It would be welcome to have a list and brief explanation on how to manage/integrate all the field types (especially the relations one)… but I assume it would come in a near future.

    I’m currently in my third integration of EspoCRM, I’m only beginning, but it is so cool, I juste want to work on that, that’s crazy isn’t?

    Thanks a lot, continue this amazing job, I’m following you 😉

  2. EspoCRM says:

    Hi Hugo

    Thank for your feedback. We really want to make some documentation for developers but don’t have a time for that at this moment. There are a lot of improvements and additions we need to do.

  3. Hugo says:

    I understand it very well!


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