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EspoCRM 2.7.0 released

What’s new:

  • Security: SHA512 is used to hash user passwords instead of MD5.
  • Security: Password fields for email accounts now are encrypted.
  • Multi-Enum field type.
  • Team Management: Ability to specify which position a user holds in team.
  • Field Manager: Ability to edit translations of enum field’s options.
  • Email Templates: Ability to insert shortcodes for a current user entity.
  • Column order in list view now is stored. Reset button will set it back to default.
  • Layout Manager: Added Convert Lead layouts.
  • Layout Manager: Ability to make fields full width wide.
  • Ability to reset preferences to defaults.
  • Ability to mark tasks as Completed and calls as Held/Not Held right in list view.
  • Ability to send test email when user is configuring SMTP.
  • Email-to-Case: Email contents and attachments are shown in the case’s stream.


One comment on “EspoCRM 2.7.0 released
  1. Alexander W. says:

    Great Work!

    Keep on… we love this CRM!

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