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CRM Cloud Hosting: What you should know

Nowadays, there exist more CRM solutions available than ever before. Modern CRM providers offer a wide range of features that come in handy for both international corporations and small startups. When it comes to choosing CRM software for your business, “cloud-hosting” and “self-hosting” are the two notions that have become buzzwords in the present-day business environment as they are often the subjects of the heated debates. So, if you’re new to all this “hosting stuff”, this article may shed some light on the topic.

What is the difference between cloud-based and on-premise CRM solutions?

On-premise CRM solutions

On-premise CRM solution is a type of CRM software which is hosted on the company’s server that is storing all the data. Such a solution requires the purchase of hardware, regular updating and maintenance. Although it’s highly customizable, it takes a lot of time and costs to keep the system secure and up-to-date.

Cloud-hosted CRM systems

Cloud-hosted CRM systems store the data on a remote server (“cloud”) provided by the hosting company. Cloud hosting providers render installation, all the seamless updates, hardware maintenance and guarantee data security.

Cloud hosting has become extremely popular due to its flexibility and convenience over the past few decades. If you are considering switching to the cloud from the on-premise solution or just weighing up the pros and cons of cloud-hosted versus self-hosted CRM, here is a list of three core benefits of cloud-based CRMs.

  1. Reliability and accessibility. Due to the simultaneous use of various servers, your CRM instance can be accessed at any time and from any place on the globe. If there appears a problem with hardware or any other server glitch, your system will be switched to another server to run properly, which is extremely important for those companies that hinge on the consistent uptime for sales and productivity.
  2. Performance and ease of use. In terms of speed, it’s hard to beat cloud-based CRM solutions. Moreover, when utilizing cloud hosting, there is no need to spend time and efforts on installing and maintaining complex hardware. All you need to start working with a cloud-based CRM is the internet connection and a few clicks to create a cloud-hosted instance.
  3. Data security. When it comes to security, cloud hosting plans are one of the safest options. Most server providers work on improving their security protocols in order to protect databases and applications against common threats daily.
    Taking into account all the advantages that are offered by cloud hosting providers, it is quite obvious why so many business companies have already moved to cloud-hosted CRM solutions. Maybe today it is your turn to experience its benefits for yourself! Don’t hesitate and try EspoCRM’s cloud hosting for free!