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Advanced Pack split-up FAQ

1. What extensions is Advanced Pack divided into?

Advanced Pack is subdivided into 4 extensions: Advanced Pack, Sales Pack, Google Integration and MailChimp Integration. To find out the features included in each extension, see the table below.

Advanced Pack Reports
Sales Pack Products
Sales Orders New
Invoices New
Google Integration Google Calendar
Google Contacts
MailChimp Integration MailChimp Integration

2. What is Bundle Pack?

It is an official add-on for EspoCRM which contains Advanced Pack, Sales Pack, Google Integration, MailChimp Integration extensions.

3. Will I get a discount when I renew my license?

Yes, we will provide a big discount for Bundle Pack (including the same set of features the old Advanced Pack had). It will not cost more than the old Advanced Pack. Once your license gets expired, an automatic email with information will be sent.

4. How to update the new Advanced Pack correctly?

The best way to upgrade the new Advanced Pack is to uninstall the old Advanced Pack and install Advanced Pack 2 plus other extensions you need in your CRM.

5. Do I have access to the features included into Advanced Pack?

If your license is active, you’ll have access to all 4 extensions. All these extensions are available in a customer portal.

6. What do I have to do to have access to all the features included into the old Advanced Pack?

You have to install all 4 extensions.

7. Is it possible to buy all the extensions at once?

Yes, you can purchase Bundle Pack.