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Reports feature is available in Advanced Pack extension. It’s a very useful tool since it allows users to see gathered information about their business.

  • Two types of reports: List and Grid. List report results the list of records that meet specified criteria. Grid report results summarized values grouped by specified fields. This report can be displayed as a chart.
  • Report results can be represented as charts. Available types of charts: Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Pie, Line.
  • All reports can be displayed as a dashlet.
  • Simple builder allows create report by a few clicks.
  • Access to report records can be controlled using roles.
  • Sync report result with target list. Ability to populate target list from report.
  • An ability to send result of list reports to specific users at a specific time.


How to use reports feature you can read in documentation.

Some Use Cases

  1. Show revenue grouped by month for the current year.
  2. Show revenue grouped by your salesmans.
  3. Compare your salesmans’ productivity with a graphs of their monthly revenues.
  4. Show your revenue grouped by account’s country.
  5. Show the list calls planned for the day and send this report to the manager every morning.
  6. List accounts that have purchased your product. Set the system to populate Target List with these accounts automatically. Use this Target List for your email marketing.

Reports and Analytics

Export reports to Excel format

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