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Gmail Secure Authentication

Gmail Secure Authentication is available in Google Integration extension. It provides secure authentication for Gmail accounts via OAuth2. With this extension, you won’t need to store your Gmail password in EspoCRM and enable access for less secure applications in your Google Account settings.

The feature is compatible with EspoCRM 5.6.0 and later.

How to set up for an administrator

At first, you have to have Google Integration set up in your EspoCRM. For this, go to Administration > Integrations > Google. Integration requires Client ID and Client Secret.

To find your project’s client ID and client secret, do the following:

  1. Go to Google Developers Console (the link is available on the side panel).
  2. Select a project, or create a new one.

  3. Click Create credentials and select OAuth client ID.

  4. Click Configure consent screen.

  5. Then, specify the application name, add your domain address and click Save.

  6. In the next window, set the Application type as Web Application, copy and paste the Redirect URL from EspoCRM Integration Page and click Create.

  7. Once done, you’ll get both the Client ID and Client Secret that have to be inserted into the table in your CRM system.

  8. Check whether the Client ID and the client secret are specified correctly and click Save.

  9. (Only if you want to use Oauth for group email accounts). In Google Developer Console open Dashboard, then click ‘Enable APIs AND Services’ at the top, then enable Gmail API.

How to set up for a user

  1. Go to your User page and click External Accounts button in the top-right corner.

  2. Connect to your Google Account and allow EspoCRM to work with your data.

  3. Tick off Gmail box, enter your email address and save.

  4. Now, you can set up a personal email account for your Gmail mailbox in EspoCRM. Note, that passwords for IMAP and SMTP are not needed to be filled.