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Binotel Integration

Integration with Binotel service is available as an extension. It allows to integrate EspoCRM with Asterisk server through Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI), Starface and Binotel.

Information about configuring Binotel Integration extension is described here.

The key features are:

  1. Click-to-call possibility.
  2. Displaying incoming calls.
  3. Displaying outgoing calls.
  4. Fast access to the caller history.
  5. Easily adding a comment to the call.
  6. Log a call to EspoCRM in one click.



1. Click-to-call possibility

It allows to dial directly from EspoCRM by clicking on a phone number.



2. Displaying incoming calls

For an incoming call a popup window will be displayed with the caller information.



3. Displaying outgoing calls

All outgoing calls are displayed in blue window.


4. Fast access to the caller history

Each popup window has a link to the caller profile with all their history information.


5. Easily adding a comment to the call

Comment of the call can be added by typing in the description field in the popup window.



 6. Log a call to EspoCRM in one click

Call can be saved by clicking on Save button, or discarded by clicking on Cancel button.


The saved call is displayed in the caller profile in EspoCRM.