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One3D s.r.o.

For a company focusing on customer needs is very important to keep all data regarding the customer communication properly under the control and to provide unchallenged functional relationship between both sides. In our steadily developing establishment One3D serves as an instrument to filling this purposes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which completes not only the important individual information about all customers but also works as an integrated system for company members. EspoCRM is logically solved user interface, friendly and easy-to-use. The big advantage constitutes an open-source and web-based software. This software is possible to transform variously for own user needs. For One3D requirements was used the adaptation in ERP system, business documentation database and as a manager of process tasks and their performance. Each of authorized users can inspect the state of particular orders, eventually change it or send the order to next step in a process.

EspoCRM satisfies all requirements of organization management in terms of customer service and represents really smart and transparent style of leading of communication with customers and also inside of establishment.

Mgr. Tomáš Dokoupil, CEO