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Common Myths and Misconceptions about CRM software

Having appeared only a few decades ago, customer relationship management (CRM) software is considered both the keystone and the foundation of a successful and profitable business company nowadays. Every day, more and more companies and organizations integrate CRM tools and adopt CRM culture among their employees. Notwithstanding the fact that the software is so popular, implementing a CRM solution into the entire business process can still sound risky, unbridgeable or even intimidating for some ventures. But why does it happen so? The main reason for such a situation is the existence of a great variety of myths and misconceptions that surround CRM systems. In this article, we will try to debunk the most prevalent of them.

Myth 1. CRM software is expensive and unaffordable

This misconception is probably one of the most widespread among small startups and medium-sized business companies. Long are gone the days when you had to spend a fortune in order to purchase software with limited functions. Modern digital market offers an unlimited variety of either free of charge or rather cost-effective CRM solutions. All you have to do is to look for the one that will meet the needs and requirements of your company.

Myth 2. CRM systems are excessively puzzling to use

Another ubiquitous myth is that CRM systems are too complicated to use and understand. And again that is not true! Modern CRM tools possess user-friendly and intuitive interface and work perfectly well in any web browser. The software can be easily configured and customized without a single line of code, so you do not have to be an IT expert to start using a CRM. Even if you got stuck with something while utilizing the system and can’t find the solution, customer support portals are at your disposal any time.

Myth 3. Only giant corporations require CRM solutions

In fact, a great number of business researches show that small and medium-sized companies have benefited from implementing CRM software more compared to large international enterprises. CRM systems are truly indispensable tools in terms of streamlining and automating business processes, organizing data, improving customer service and enhancing the overall performance of your company.

Myth 4. Only sales people need CRM systems

CRMs have evolved far beyond those times when they were used only as sales tools. Organising data from multiple places, analysing and turning it into comprehensible insights about customers for employees, modern-day CRM solutions suit for a wide range of industries that have something to do with clients, including wholesale and retail trade, e-commerce and banking, call-centers and manufacturing, education and healthcare, travel and tourism, real estate and insurance etc.

Myth 5. CRM software enhances the risks of data thefts

In the modern technological era, CRM suppliers realize the importance of data security as they have never before. That is the main reason why they are constantly engaged in developing and evolving security features. Along with this, the software is designed in that way that owners themselves can also take safety steps and configure the access to the information for their employees in order to protect their data.

As you can see, CRMs are surrounded by a great number of myths and misconceptions that are mostly false. In reality, this kind of software is a cost-effective and easy to use tool that acts like a flesh and blood assistant for your employees. With a properly configured CRM system, you will get a wonderful chance to skyrocket your productivity, automate routine operations and focus on what really matters – on your customers!