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Quotes (and Invoices)

Quotes are available in Advanced Pack extension.

Quotes has the relationship with Opportunity. You can add Quotes panel to Opportunity detail view in Layout Manager > Opportunities > Relationships. When creating a new quote linked to an opportunity it transfers opportunity items to the quote.

You can see quotes related to a certain account. Layout Manager > Accounts > Relationships.


Print to PDF

Quotes can be printed to PDF. This action is available in dropdown next to Edit button on the quote’s detail view. Then you will be prompted to select Template.


By default there are two templates: Quote and Invoice. You can create new templates (Quotes list view > top-right dropdown menu > Templates).


For more precise editing use Code View mode.

You can use fields of related records in your template. E.g. {{account.type}} – Type of related Account, {{assignedUser.lastName}} – Last Name of Assigned User. If your line item is a product you can use product’s fields. E.g. {{product.length}}, {{product.color}}, where length and color are custom fields of Product entity.

In order to loop through line items use the following construction (only in Code View):

<!-- {{#each itemList}} -->
  <td align="right">{{listPrice}}</td>
  <td align="right">{{unitPrice}}</td>
  <td align="right">{{amount}}</td>
<!-- {{/each}} -->

Email Quote

Quote PDF can be send in email as an attachment. Open quote record, click dropdown next to Edit button and the click Email PDF.

Automatic numbering

You can create a Number field via Entity Manager (available since EspoCRM 4.2.0). The value will be incremented by every new quote. There is an ability to specify the next number as well as prefix.