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Travel and Tourism

We all love vacations. The planning – researching of hotels and scouting for the best deals on tickets – not so much. This is where a good travel agency comes to your rescue and it’s the reason why travel and tourism often go hand in hand and make up one of the most competitive business industries.

Previously, the most effective approach was finding the best deals and lowest prices for your clients but in today’s era this is no longer a viable option. To increase your customer base and retain your current clients you need to offer a premium quality of customer service, too, and provide each and every customer with specific attention to their needs and requirements.

The solution to the problem is simple: customer relationship management. A CRM-system agency is specifically designed for companies, for which customer information is crucial. This includes not only personal details, such as name and contact number but also passport number, budget, marital status, interests and preferences, and history of travel. A good CRM system will analyze the client data automatically providing the most suitable options which keeps your clients happy and your staff members – free to allocate their resources elsewhere.

Additionally, a good CRM system will also help keep in touch with you partners, which is crucial for every effective travel agency. The software enables prompt and efficient communication with airlines, hotels, tour guides and more by storing all of your company’s partner information in a separate database. Additionally, since CRM is a mobile software, it gives you access to your most important information on the go, enabling you to keep track of your business even when you’re out of the country. The specifically designed for tourist and travel agencies software also creates statistical and analytical reports on your company’s performance for a given period of time, allowing you to supervise your employees even when you’re not currently present. The process automation integrated within the CRM software simplifies the entire management and planning transaction, ensuring seamless and quick service, satisfied customers and a booming business.