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CRM for Education

Nowadays, educational institutions can be viewed as human-oriented companies that are dedicated to producing highly-educated people. Sounds businesslike, doesn’t it? Well, there is nothing strange about it as today education is a business like no other. Here your customers are your students and the goods you’re providing them are not tangible products or services, but knowledge. Though education differs a bit from other businesses, its success is also tightly bound to the customer’s satisfaction. Thus, maintaining strong relationships with the “clients” of an educational institution is a key for the enhancement of performance and efficiency as well as for the improvement of the education quality.

There is a bunch of good reasons why more and more universities are implementing CRM software systems. First of all, CRM platform improves the work of the whole organization and strengthens external relations. It’s a powerful database that allows your staff to have a quick and seamless access to all the student data – including that of current and prospective students. Having such a handy repository of student records at your fingertips is useful not only for maintaining relationships with your graduates and building up the new ones with potential students but also for communication improvement between the educational enterprise and various investors or philanthropists.

Yet another great advantage of CRM software is the enhancement of communication between departments which in turn ensures the efficacy of the educational process on all levels. It facilitates information exchange and promotes cooperation, helping you to run your educational facility better. At the same time, CRM takes care of the communication between an institution and its students. If your students don’t feel like their voices are being heard, they’re far less likely to choose your institution, compared to others. CRM software allows you to receive meaningful feedback from your students by maximizing the communication opportunities and also greatly improves the recruiting process and enhances the student success levels.

In addition, having all the information about potential and current students stored within a single system simplifies the process of monitoring the students’ activity throughout their studies, providing the staff with the ability to get in touch with any student easily and quickly when the need arises. Moreover, it allows the educational institution to personalize its approach to every student, without time and money expenses, associated with hiring more staff. Such an improved form of customer service will attract new students, increase profits and open new opportunities for the institution.

Another big plus is that CRM offers perfect tools for data analysis and reporting. The software is really helpful in collecting and analyzing the information about your employees and students work. Just with a few mouse clicks, the staff will be able to see the analytics that is essential not only for evaluation of the educational trends but also for defining the strength and weaknesses of every department, which will save your time and show where to move on.

Over the past years, knowledge has become one of the most important products, turning education into a profitable, though rather competitive business. Such constant competition for new students and profits makes every educational institution seek for new ways of attracting and maintaining students, improving efficacy and communication between departments, and finding ways to secure funding. The best way to do all of these is to rely on a CRM system.