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CRM for Wholesale and Retail Trade

It’s hardly a secret that trade is the industry with the highest percentage of competition. Of course, if you’re selling a completely unique product or offering something that is tailored to a very small and distinct target group, you have no reasons to worry.
However, most organization deal with conventional product or services that are a necessary aspect of our everyday lives. In order to remain on top of your game and become a leader – or, at least, a major player – in your industry, offering high quality is simply not enough. To achieve that, attracting and retaining your clients must become your top priority.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, systems are developed specifically to help you do that, but can also optimize and enhance the way your enterprise operates. They enable you to improve your customer service by making the process of working with clients faster and more efficient. As a result, you spend less time, doing mundane organizational tasks and more time, focusing on what really matters: providing unmatched quality of customer service, while attracting new clients and retaining your current customer base.

So, what are the functions of our CRM-system and how exactly it helps the trading business?

The CRM-system creates a single customer base and deals with management automated software discounts and bonus accruals. Moreover, it keeps an extensive history of purchases, which enables you to personalize your approach to every client. Knowing who your customers are and understanding their needs is the key to successful customer relationships and can greatly boost your revenues. With the information the CRM-system provides, you can segment your customer base and easily create individual offers, based on the analysis of preferences and behavior of each segment.

In addition to helping you gain insight into how your customers think, the CRM-system also organizes your entire database of current and potential clients, suppliers and partners. This makes the entire process of trading more efficient, allowing you to spend time on more vital tasks.

You can also carry out market analysis activities and see whether they yield the results you’re looking for. Based on the insights obtained, you can then change or modify your marketing strategy and investigate how it affects the performance of a particular customer group.

The CRM-system improves and optimizes customer relationship management at all levels, including helping you establish contact with your customers through all possible channels of communication (including phone calls, emails, text messages and social networking). By automating the communication process, it makes it much more efficient and less time-consuming. It also enables you to process the entire request history of your clients and analyze your sales performance by product, customer group or even region.

All of these functions can be further extended and modified to suit the unique needs of your company. This unmatched customization results not only in enhanced customer service, but also provides you with positive feedback from your clients. Finally, with the automated CRM, the management of your company becomes easier and more efficient, resulting in a larger number of potential clients, improved customer retention levels and, of course, an increase in your revenues.