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In this day and age, the business of sales is more complex and competitive than ever. With so many sales channels and interaction touchpoints, sales teams must keep their fingers on the pulse of their customer base, so they are always ready to meet customers on their terms. Without a powerful centralized technology, it becomes close to impossible to juggle various sales processes maintained on multiple platforms and still remain productive throughout the working day. That is exactly where CRM software can save the day. The highly functioning CRM system creates a centralized environment perfect for your sales teams. It unifies the customer and lead data that comes from various channels, provides the ability to monitor every stage of the sales cycle, and allows the sales team to stay on top of the upcoming tasks. In addition, the platform offers other tools for team management and collaboration, optimizes the planning of sales meetings, and provides realistic sales analytics and revenue predictions.

Accurate Customer Profiles

  • Keep Account, Contact and Lead records in one place
  • Customize fields, entities and layouts with Entity & Layout Managers
  • Keep track of all the past and upcoming activities (Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Emails)
  • Import and Export data seamlessly
  • Make and receive Calls directly from your instance (add-on)
Sales Teams Customers

Efficient Pipeline Management

  • Monitor the stages of every Sales Opportunity
  • Automate the creation of Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices (add-on)
  • Customize your sales pipeline with Entity Manager
  • Visualize sales data with Kanban Boards
  • Automate Lead Capture from website forms
  • Manage Taxes, Multiple Currencies and Shipping Providers
Sales Teams Sales Management

Optimized Event Planning

  • Plan your sales follow-ups with Calendar
  • Monitor the team activity in Shared Calendars
  • Send invitations to event attendees
  • Never miss important events with reminders & email notifications
  • Create custom events
Sales Teams Event Planning

Effective Email Management

  • Keep track of your email communication with customers
  • Categorize your inbox with Email Folders & Filters
  • Create Email Signatures for your business correspondence
  • Set up Personal and Group Email Accounts
  • Use Email Templates to personalize auto-replies
Sales Teams Email Management

Real-Time Business Reporting

  • Create custom Grid, List, and Joint-Grid reports (add-on)
  • Schedule sending of report results in emails (add-on)
  • Add Report Panels and Dashlets to the home page (add-on)
  • Sync report results with Target Lists (add-on)
  • Use Revenue Forecasting to estimate future income (add-on)
Sales Teams Reports

Automation and Integrations

  • Automate routine tasks with Workflows (add-on)
  • Streamline complex business processes with BPM (add-on)
  • Sync Google Calendar and Contacts with EspoCRM (add-on)
  • Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with EspoCRM (add-on)
  • Integrate EspoCRM with Mailchimp for advanced marketing campaigns (add-on)
  • Integrate EspoCRM with VoIP telephony (add-on)
Sales Teams Integrations

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