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Manage deal flow, fundraising and investor relationships with EspoCRM
Future-oriented business people and investors know like no one else how difficult it may be to foresee the market trends and predict the results of the chosen strategy without the right tools. As the business grows, manual data analysis and processing becomes more and more complicated and tedious. Implementing a CRM platform can automate a lot of routine processes adding time back into your day. The software allows to efficiently organize data about contacts, startups, and investors, as well as store the history of communication and interactions with them. Equipped with powerful pipeline management tools, the solution brings transparency into your business processes. It provides the ability to focus on your deal flow and stay informed about the upcoming activities. Moreover, the platform arms your marketing team with effective functionality aimed at creating personalized outreach campaigns and building stronger bonds with investors and key stakeholders.

Better Relationship Building

  • Organize information about Contacts, Leads and Accounts
  • Create and edit custom entities and fields with Entity Manager
  • View past and upcoming Calls, Meetings, Tasks and Emails
  • Sync client records with Google Contacts (add-on)
  • Sync client records with Outlook Contacts (add-on)
Venture Capital Accounts

Optimized Deal Flow

  • Keep track of every Opportunity in your pipeline
  • Visualize the deal flow with Kanban Boards
  • Customize the deal pipeline with Entity and Layout Managers
  • Stay focused on promising deals by adding them to Dashboard
  • Manage access to deal data with Security Roles
Venture Capital Opportunities

Powerful Analytics Tools

  • Create custom Grid, List and Joint-Grid Reports (add-on)
  • Add Report Panels and Dashlets to see the data at glance (add-on)
  • Schedule sending of report results to stakeholders (add-on)
  • Export or print to PDF report results (add-on)
Venture Capital Reports

Unified Document Management

  • Store all documents about deals and investments in one place
  • Organize papers with Document Folders
  • Create documents out of email attachments
  • Use search filters to find the needed file quickly
  • Associate documents with the relevant records
Venture Capital Document Management

Effective Event Scheduling

  • Plan upcoming Calls, Meetings and Tasks
  • Create Shared Calendars to plan team meetings
  • Send customized invitations to event attendees
  • Use in-app and email reminders about important events
  • Automate the creation of follow-up events with Workflows (add-on)
Venture Capital Event Scheduling

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