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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Relationships with them can either make or break your success. Therefore, building strong relationships with them is essential, especially on occasions when they experience problems or need help. Yet, providing expert assistance and support services without an efficient CRM solution can be challenging. A CRM platform offers a lot of dedicated customer service and support features that allow to solve issues quicker and guarantee a better customer experience. By implementing a self-service portal alone, you enable your customers to create support requests in a convenient way and/or try to find the solutions to the common issues in the knowledge base themselves. As a result, you may also reduce the number of simple, repeated inquiries. The service-oriented solution also provides the ability to prioritize cases, see the history of previous interactions with customers, and share inquiries with the whole team to resolve issues quicker. Moreover, by analyzing the support cases, you gain the chance to determine the pain points of your product or service and improve these to deliver a better customer experience.

Streamlined Customer Support

  • Create Cases to keep track of customer issues
  • Prioritize and subdivide Cases based on various metrics
  • Turn Email-to-Case and Email-to-Task features to your advantage
  • Manage access to case data with Security Roles
  • Automate case management with BPM and Workflows (add-on)
Technical Support Customer Support

Intuitive Self-Service

  • Create self-service Customer Portals
  • Manage access to the CRM data with Portal Roles
  • Use Knowledge Base to provide answers to common issues
  • Categorize Knowledge Base Articles based on topics
Technical Support Customer Portal

Unified Customer Portfolios

  • Store your Contact, Lead and Account records in one place
  • Monitor the history of Cases, Emails and Tasks related to the records
  • Customize fields, entities and relationships with Entity Manager
  • Manage inbound and outbound Calls in your instance (add-on)
  • Visualize your data with Kanban Boards
Technical Support Leads

Accurate Performance Analytics

  • Monitor support team performance with List, Grid and Joint-Grid Reports (add-on)
  • Add Report Dashlets to your homepage (add-on)
  • Export report results in CSV format (add-on)
  • Schedule report sending in Emails (add-on)
Technical Support Reports

Effective Team Collaboration

  • Add Users and Teams to manage support cases
  • Manage access to data for teams and users with Security Roles
  • Discuss and keep track of the updates in Activity Stream
  • Follow Case and Contact records to be informed about changes
Technical Support Team Collaboration

Hassle-free Activity Management

  • Plan and schedule Calls, Meetings and Tasks with Calendar
  • Create custom types of events
  • Configure in-app and email reminders about the upcoming events
  • Use Shared Calendars to plan team meetings
  • Integrate EspoCRM with Google and Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Technical Support Activity Management

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