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One of the main objectives and the biggest challenges for all startups is growth. Taking care of the budget, work organization, and attracting new customers is only peeling the first layer of the “startup business” onion. Without automating core workflows and business operations, the newly created company can hardly succeed. CRM software is the tool that helps organize the journey of your startup from its very beginning. The platform allows businesses to manage the relationships with contacts, nurture leads, and boost the quality of customer support. It can centralize the communication channels with customers and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Moreover, the software creates a collaborative environment for your team, where employees can discuss tasks, activities, deals, monitor their progress and achievements. Apart from that, the CRM can automate the creation of follow-up activities, sending of auto-replies, updating related records, and more.

Collaboration Tools

  • Create an unlimited number of Users & Teams
  • Use Security Roles to define access to data within CRM
  • Monitor the updates and chat with team members in Stream
  • Set up Shared Calendars to see the workload of team members
  • Follow records to be informed about all changes
Startups Collaboration Tools

Extensive Customer Portfolios

  • Store the detailed information about Leads, Contacts & Accounts
  • View related Calls, Meetings, Tasks & Emails directly in profiles
  • Customize data stored in customer records with Entity, Layout & Label Managers
  • Convert Lead to Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities with few clicks
  • Push Contacts to Google & Outlook Contacts (add-on)
Startups Entities Layouts

Advanced Sales Funnel

  • Manage and prioritize Sales Opportunities efficiently
  • Automate the generation of Quotes, Sales Orders & Invoices (add-on)
  • Create a Product Catalog for goods and services you offer (add-on)
  • Adjust your sales funnel with Entity & Layout Managers
Startups Opportunities

Unified Inbox & Smart Marketing

  • Store inbound and outbound emails directly in the CRM system
  • Sort incoming letters with Email Folders & Filters
  • Set up standardized Email Signatures
  • Create Templates for auto-replies and marketing campaigns
  • Use Target Lists to segment your audience
  • Embrace Tracking Links in your marketing campaigns
  • Integrate your CRM instance with Mailchimp (add-on)
Startups Emails

Effective Activity Tracking

  • Use a built-in Calendar to monitor Calls, Meetings, and Tasks
  • Create custom types of events
  • Set in-app and email notifications about the nearing events
  • Send personalized invitations to event attendees
  • Sync events with Google & Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Startups Calls

Improved Customer Support

  • Keep track and prioritize Cases
  • Create self-service Customer Portals
  • Manage access to data with Portal Roles
  • Add articles covering common issues to the Knowledge Base
  • Use Email-to-Case & Email-to-Task features
Startups Customer Support

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