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No matter the size and type, businesses face the same challenges every day. Retaining existing customers, trying to attract new ones, and managing sales has never been easy. However, a lot of routine business operations can be streamlined and improved with the help of CRM software. By unifying information about your customers into rich profiles, the software boosts business processes across all of your sales, marketing, and customer service aspects of your company. It provides the ability to automate lead generation, monitor the progress of sales deals, and identify the most promising ones. Apart from that, it removes the hassle of switching between various applications to find the necessary data, as everything is stored in one place. In addition, the software streamlines your marketing campaigns by providing the ability to create personalized promotional offers, segment audiences according to certain criteria, and see the statistics that indicates the efficacy of the campaign. With its help, you can also enhance the overall customer support by adding a self-service portal, generating cases from emails you receive, and setting up auto-replies.

Rich Customer Profiles

  • Keep your Contacts, Leads & Accounts in one place.
  • Customize Entities, Layouts, Relationships & Labels
  • Visualize data with Kanban Views
  • Track history of Activities (Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Emails)
  • Convert Leads into Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities in few clicks
  • Sync contact data with Google and Outlook Contacts (add-on)
Small Businesses Accounts

Sales Cycle Automation

  • Track the progress and prioritize Sales Opportunities
  • Automate the generation of Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices (add-on)
  • Create a catalog of Products or Services you offer (add-on)
  • Customize the pipeline to match your sales needs
  • Focus on important deals by adding them to your Dashboard
  • Manage Taxes & Shipping Providers
Small Businesses Opportunities

Advanced Calendar & Scheduling

  • Keep track of Calls, Tasks, Meetings, and custom events in one place
  • Set up in-app and email notifications about activities
  • Send customizable invitations to event attendees
  • Automate the creation of follow-up activities with Workflow & BPM tools (add-on)
  • Use Shared Calendar Mode to cooperate with your team
  • Sync EspoCRM events with Google & Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Small Businesses Events

Streamlined Email & Marketing Management

  • Store, send, and receive customer emails in your CRM instance
  • Use Template Manager to standardize responses and marketing outreaches
  • Add branded email signatures
  • Create segmented marketing emails with Target Lists & Campaigns
  • Add tracking links to monitor open & click-through rates
  • View the real-time stats showing the efficacy of marketing campaigns
Small Businesses Emails

Better Customer Service

  • Handle customer issues via Email, Phone & Self-Service Portal
  • Prioritize and track the progress of each Case
  • Create a Knowledge Base of Articles covering the most frequent issues
  • Track the performance of your support team with Reports (add-on)
  • Send auto-responses to your customers with Workflows (add-on)
Small Businesses Portals

Powerful Business Metrics

  • Create custom Grid & List Reports (add-on)
  • Print to PDF or Export Report Results (add-on)
  • Schedule report sending for certain users (add-on)
  • Add Report Panels & Dashlets to have analytics at hand (add-on)
  • Limit access to the report records with Security Roles
Small Businesses Reports

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