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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, running a photography business isn’t a simple task. No matter whether you’re a full-time photographer making professional wedding, newborn, editorial, family or travel photoshoots or just a beginner attempting to turn your hobby into a profitable business, apart from the enjoyable, creative work, you are still burdened with the business aspect of the photographer’s tasks. CRM software may become a game-changer that will take the stress of routine operations off your shoulders and allow you to stay focused on the pleasant side of your photography business. Finding new clients, keeping track of the current ones, optimizing scheduling, monitoring deadlines, and automating invoices – all these things and even more can be assumed by a powerful CRM solution. The platform centralizes all business areas you deal with, automates the generation and conversion of leads, streamlines follow-up activities with clients, and allows you to monitor the progress of each photoshoot (from scheduling its date and location, to editing the shots, printing and/or presenting them to your clients).

Easy and Smooth Client Management

  • Store information about Leads and Contacts
  • Automate Lead Capture from your web site
  • Track the history of communication with each client (calls, meetings, emails)
  • Use Kanban Views to visualize a sales journey of your Leads
  • Monitor Activity Stream & Follow records to stay informed about the changes and updates
  • Convert Leads into Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities
Photographer Clients

Effective Scheduling

  • Use Calendar to schedule photoshoots, meetings, and calls
  • Schedule and prioritize tasks for each photo-project
  • Use Shared Calendars for team projects
  • Create custom events
  • Send invitations to the clients before the photoshoot automatically
  • Use in-app reminders and email notifications to stay informed about upcoming events
  • Sync events and attendees with your Google & Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Photographer Calendar

Email & Marketing Automation

  • Track your email communication with clients in the CRM instance
  • Automate email responses with Workflows (add-on)
  • Personalize marketing messages and reminders with Template Manager
  • Send targeted marketing campaigns using Campaigns & Target Lists
  • Add Tracking Links to your marketing emails
  • Filter your inbox with Email Filters & Folders
Photographer Emails

Comprehensive Business Analytics

  • Generate Reports to monitor the performance of your business (add-on)
  • Estimate your Future Revenue (add-on)
  • Export report results to Excel (add-on)
  • Auto-populate Target Lists with report results (add-on)
  • Add Report dashlets to your dashboard (add-on)
Photographer Reports

All-in-One Dashboard

  • View your weekly schedule with Calendar Dashlet
  • Track the progress of current and upcoming Tasks
  • Keep the list of current Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, etc. at hand
  • Monitor the key performance metrics with Report Dashlets (add-on)
Photographer Dashboard

Sales Pipeline Management

  • Customize your sales process stages with Entity Manager
  • Visualize sales pipeline using Kanban View
  • Automate sales follow-ups with BPM & Workflow (add-on)
  • Generate and send Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices automatically (add-on)
  • Create the catalog of your Services & Products (add-on)
  • Add Multiple Currencies to monitor payments
Photographer Sales Management

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