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Like any other business, law firms face a unique set of difficulties. Managing a massive amount of paperwork, record keeping, document organizing, and keeping up with the upcoming activities – that is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to a lawyer’s everyday routine. If it sounds familiar to you, there is a perfect solution that allows you to save money, automate day-to-day activities, and free up a considerable amount of billable time. An efficient CRM software for lawyers can cure the above-mentioned issues. It helps to establish a client-centered business strategy and build strong and loyal relationships with them. The system provides the ability to collect all client data and the history of your communications, and interactions with them in one place. It also keeps your documents and activities perfectly organized. There’s no need to keep in mind all the upcoming meetings or events, or look for the needed file in numerous piles of papers anymore. Apart from that, it provides invaluable tools for managing marketing campaigns, improving lead generation, inquiry handling, and control over invoicing and revenue.

Client Retention & Loyalty

  • Keep Accounts, Contacts & Leads in one place
  • Monitor record-related Calls, Meetings, Email and Tasks
  • Visualize data with Kanban Boards
  • Automate Web-to-Lead Capture
  • Create Custom Fields, Relationships, and Layouts to store data
  • Make and receive calls directly from CRM (add-on)
  • Gain control over access to customer data with Roles
Lawyers Customer Data

Centralized Document Management

  • Upload and store Documents in the system
  • Create documents out of email attachments
  • Link documents to the relevant contacts, cases, deals
  • Sort document with Document Folders and Filters
  • Share access to files with the whole team
Lawyers Documents

Smart Activity Tracking

  • Schedule Calls, Meetings, Consultations, and Tasks in Calendar
  • Create custom types of events
  • Stay up-to-date with in-app & email notifications
  • Use Shared Calendar mode to organize teamwork
  • Send customized invitations to event attendees
  • Keep in-sync EspoCRM & Google/Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Lawyers Tasks

Real-Time Statistics

  • Monitor the firm’s performance with List & Grid Reports (add-on)
  • Add important statistical metrics to your Dashboard (add-on)
  • Print to PDF, export to CSV/Excel, or send report results in emails (add-on)
  • Set up revenue forecasting to estimate future income (add-on)
  • Populate Target Lists for Campaigns with report results (add-on)
Lawyers Reports

Customized Sales Funnel

  • Gain control over Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices (add-on)
  • Create a Product Catalog to list your services (add-on)
  • Automate sales follow-ups with Workflow & BPM (add-on)
  • Manage deals in Multiple Currencies
  • Customize Sales Stages to fit your firm’s needs
Lawyers Invoices

Efficient Marketing Management

  • Create personalized marketing emails with Template Manager
  • Send targeted Email Campaigns to your clients
  • Use tracking links to see open and click rates of emails
  • Segment your audience with Target Lists
  • Sync Target Lists with Mailchimp (add-on)
Lawyers Marketing

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