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Establishing the right relationships with candidates is the essential basis not only for a smooth recruitment process but also for their further adaptation in the new company. Yet, in today’s highly competitive employment market, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the entire recruitment process properly. Implementing a CRM solution will resolve a lot of pain points in the recruitment process, help you keep up with market tendencies, and assist you in engaging with candidates more effectively. By arming headhunters and recruiters with efficient CRM tools, you gain the chance to attract top performers and fill positions quicker. The platform provides the ability to store the candidate and client information, track all your interactions with them, automate the creation of follow-ups, segment audiences and personalize outreach activities. With a CRM, you can create a more collaborative environment for your teams and streamline communication across the company.

Stay Focused on Relationships

  • Maintain data about Contacts, Leads, and Accounts in one place
  • Monitor all record-related activities (Calls, Tasks, Meetings, Emails)
  • Customize candidate profiles with Entity Manager
  • Automate Lead Capture from the website
  • Track the updates by following records
Headhunters Contacts

Increase Productivity and Collaboration

  • Use Calendar to plan your workday
  • Create Shared Calendars to monitor the activity of the team
  • Use the Stream feature to be informed about all updates
  • Sync your Google and Outlook calendars with CRM (add-on)
  • Set up in-app and email reminders for upcoming events
  • Create custom events with Entity Manager
Headhunters Stream

Turn Data into Insights

  • Use out-of-the-box and custom reports (add-on)
  • Automate and schedule report sending for specific users (add-on)
  • Add Report Dashlets to your Dashboard (add-on)
  • Control the access to analytics with Security Roles
  • Use reports to segment audience and populate Target Lists (add-on)
Headhunters Reports

Manage Inbox and Marketing Campaigns

  • Create, store and send emails from your instance
  • Organize resume emails with Email Folders & Filters
  • Create Personal and Group Email Accounts
  • Use Template Manager to personalize marketing and auto-responses
  • Send and monitor the effectiveness of Campaigns
  • Segment audience with Target Lists
  • Integrate your instance with Mailchimp (add-on)
Headhunters Marketing

Customize the Recruitment Process

  • Manage and prioritize open positions with Opportunities
  • Customize the stages of the recruitment process with Layout & Entity Managers
  • Automate routine operations with Workflows and BPM (add-on)
  • Monitor candidate status with custom status/tag fields
Headhunters Layout Manager

Automate Recruiting Requests

  • Create vendor portals for your clients
  • Use Cases for the creation of new recruiting requests
  • Manage access to CRM data with Portal Security Roles
  • Add articles with tips on hiring staff to Knowledge Base
Headhunters Knowledge Base

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