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Free CRM for Freelancers

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As a freelancer, it takes a herculean effort to handle all aspects of your business on your own. CRM software allows you to organize and centralize the business side of freelance work. Managing interactions and communications with customers, meeting deadlines and keeping track of documents and transactions – CRM smooths and automates all these tasks and even more. By visualizing data about your current and potential customers, history of communication with them (calls, meetings, emails), their payments, and previous orders, the application improves contact management, increases lead conversion, and, as a result, boosts customer satisfaction. It also allows working on several projects at the same time and eliminates the risks of forgetting or mixing up tasks, events and project deadlines. No more worries that an email is left unanswered or an important call is missed, as the software will remind you about everything just in time. What’s more, CRM for freelancers provides the ability to automate the generation of leads from the website, sending of follow-up and marketing emails, and the creation of invoices. It gives powerful insights into the effectiveness of your freelance business and reflects the progress of each project.

Streamlined Activity & Task Management

  • Schedule Calls & Meetings
  • Prioritize Tasks and monitor their progress
  • Create Custom Events
  • Set In-app Notifications and Email Reminders for upcoming events
  • Send Invitations to event attendees
  • Use Shared Calendars for teams
  • Sync calendar events and attendees with Google Calendar (add-on)
  • Sync calendar events and attendees with Outlook Calendar (add-on)
Freelance Calendar

Account, Contact & Lead Management

  • Add Account, Contact, and Lead records
  • Track the history of communication & interactions with any client (Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tasks)
  • Automate lead generation with Web-to-Lead
  • Follow records to be informed about the updates
  • Log Sales Opportunities associated with records
  • Convert Leads into Accounts, Contacts and/or Opportunities
  • Customize the data stored in Account, Contact, Lead records by creating Custom Fields, Layouts, Relationships
  • Control access to customer data with Security roles
  • Sync contact records with Google Contacts (add-on)
  • Sync contact records with Outlook Contacts (add-on)
Freelance Contacts

Sales Cycle Management

  • Monitor the progress of each Sales Opportunity
  • Visualize your sales cycle with Kanban View
  • Generate Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices automatically (add-on)
  • Create a Product catalog (add-on)
  • Customize sales pipeline stages by using Custom Fields and Layouts
  • Automate routine sales operations with Workflows & BPM (add-on)
  • Use Multiple Currencies
Freelance Sales Management

Powerful Sales Analytics And Team Performance Metrics

  • Create Grid, List & Joint Grid reports to track your company’s performance (add-on)
  • Forecast Future Revenue (add-on)
  • Display report results in Report Panels (add-on)
  • Export Report Results to Excel (add-on)
  • Schedule report results sending for your customers (add-on)
  • Add Report Dashlets to your home page
Freelance Custom Reports

Enhanced Document & Email Management

  • Store and attach documents related to the records in one place
  • Use Document Folders to group documents
  • Create documents out of email attachments
  • Sync business emails with the help of Group or Personal Email Accounts
  • Send Outbound Emails to customers directly from your CRM
  • Create Email Templates for standardized auto-replies
  • Categorize emails with Email Folders
  • Add Email Signatures
  • Add Multiple Email Addresses to Contact, Lead & Account records
  • Include Email Tracking Links in your letters
Freelance Emails Management

Improved Team Collaboration

  • Monitor all changes and discuss issues related to records in Activity Stream
  • Track the availability and progress of team members in Shared Calendars
  • Receive In-app and Email Notifications when records are updated
  • Add an unlimited number of Users and Teams
Freelance Team Collaboration

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