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Free CRM for Event Planning

Manage events, clients, and tasks with EspoCRM
No matter whether it’s a crowded exhibition or a small online webinar, organizing an event is a difficult process with a countless number of tasks. Taking care of everything from guest lists to providing food and decorations can be overwhelming. Without a tool that will centralize the data about customers, tasks, and contractors, it’s easy to overlook something that might have the potential to ruin the whole event. That is where a CRM system gets into the game. The software stores all the necessary data for smooth event planning. It allows scheduling meetings, tasks and calls, sends reminders about the upcoming activities, and stores the history of email communication with everyone connected to the event. Moreover, it is an efficient tool for organizing marketing activities before and after the events. You can segment your audience, send personalized marketing emails and measure the success of campaigns. With the built-in reporting tools, you can also gain real-time budgeting, marketing, and attendance insights.

Centralized Client List

  • Keep track of Contacts, Leads & Accounts
  • Customize customer profiles with Entity & Layout Managers
  • Associate Meetings, Tasks, Calls & Emails with relevant records
  • Use Search Filters to find the needed records quickly
  • Utilize import & export options to migrate records
  • Keep contacts synced with Google & Outlook Contacts (add-on)
Event Planning Leads

Smart Activity Tracking

  • Schedule Calls, Meetings, Tasks, and Custom Events
  • Set Email or In-App Reminders for the approaching events
  • Send Personalized Invitations to the Attendees
  • Keep in sync EspoCRM and Google/Outlook Calendars (add-on)
  • Use Shared Calendars for effective team collaboration
Event Planning Activity Tracking

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

  • Evaluate event performance with Custom Reports (add-on)
  • Track key metrics on Report Panels and Dashlets (add-on)
  • Export Reports to Excel & CSV files (add-on)
  • Schedule report results sending in emails (add-on)
Event Planning Reports

Unified Communication & Event Marketing

  • Send and receive business emails in the CRM system
  • Standardize auto-reply messages with Template Manager
  • Add personalized Email Signatures
  • Utilize Email Folders & Filters to keep inbox in order
  • Launch effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Embrace Tracking Links into your marketing emails
  • Segment your audience with Target Lists
Event Planning Marketing

Sales Cycle Automation

  • Keep track of and prioritize Opportunities
  • Automate sending of Quotes, Sales Orders & Invoices (add-on)
  • Use Product Catalogs to list items & services (add-on)
  • Customize your Sales Pipeline with Entity & Layout Managers
  • Estimate future income with Revenue Forecasting (add-on)
Event Planning Sales Cycle

Better Client Support

  • Create Portals to allow clients to ask questions
  • Control access to CRM data with Portal Roles
  • Track the history of all issues with Cases
  • Use Email-to-Case tool to automate case creation
  • Add articles covering common problems to Knowledge Base
Event Planning Customer Portal

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