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Maintaining strong relationships with customers and attracting potential ones is a primary goal for any entrepreneur. By all means, having the right CRM tool in place makes a huge difference in achieving that goal. CRM software helps to unify the customer data coming from scattered online and offline sources. It provides your teams with the ability to track every interaction with customers, leads or accounts. Apart from centralizing data management, the software allows you to streamline your sales, support and marketing processes. By empowering your teams with advanced functionality, the platform improves communication among departments, provides access to the relevant data for each team member, and gives the opportunity to track and manage business performance. Moreover, the platform ensures that employees stay organized throughout their workday. The built-in calendar adds the ability to schedule tasks, meetings and calls, and set reminders about the most important events.

Client Data Management

  • Create extensive Contact, Lead and Account profiles
  • Keep track of every Call, Meeting, Task and Email
  • Automate Lead Capture from your website
  • Customize entities and layouts with Entity Manager
  • Sync contact records with Google and Outlook Contacts (add-on)
Entrepreneurs Clients

Sales Automation

  • Monitor the progress of all Sales Opportunities
  • Visualize your sales process with Kanban Views
  • Keep track of Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices (add-on)
  • Monitor inventory with Product Catalog (add-on)
Entrepreneurs Sales

Effective Marketing Tools

  • Create and monitor the performance marketing Campaigns
  • Segment audience with Target Lists
  • Insert Tracking Links into your marketing emails
  • Sync marketing campaigns with Mailchimp (add-on)
Entrepreneurs Marketing

Proactive Customer Support

  • Organize support inquiries with Cases
  • Set up self-service Portals for customer
  • Limit access to the CRM data with Portal Roles
  • Create intuitive Knowledge Base
  • Automate responses for common inquiries with Workflows (add-on)
Entrepreneurs Customer Support

Smart Activity Management

  • Manage your Tasks, Meetings, Emails and Calls
  • Create and add custom events to your calendar
  • Use notifications to be informed about the upcoming activities
  • Integrate EspoCRM with Google and Outlook Calendars
Entrepreneurs Activities

Real-Time Business Analytics

  • Monitor performance with Custom Reports (add-on)
  • Export and schedule sending of report results (add-on)
  • Add Report Panels and Dashlets to have analytics at hand (add-on)
  • Auto-populate Target Lists with Report Results (add-on)
Entrepreneurs Reports

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