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Manage interactions with clients, their requests, and project tasks with EspoCRM

In need of a CRM solution that is flexible, customization-friendly, and can be adjusted to the needs of your business clients? Then, EspoCRM may be just what you were looking for.

EspoCRM is an ideal solution for your business clients that want to have advanced functionality without spending a fortune. It offers you a wide range of possibilities either to adjust a tool to fit the unique needs of your client directly through the UI, or to modify existing features, develop and offer your own extensions and integrations that will broaden the available functionality. Moreover, you can also use it for managing your own relationships with current and potential clients, storing communications with them, and keeping track of project deadlines.

The platform represents an open-source, single-page web-application written in clean, high-quality code that is easy to modify. The server-side part of the system is written in PHP, and the client-side is done in JavaScript. The system can use either MySQL or MariaDB databases. It also can be hosted both in the cloud and on-premises.

EspoCRM has a large community of professional developers that are actively sharing their experience, building end products, and are always ready to give you sound advice if needed. It also offers useful developer documentation that will help you to get started and understand how the system is built.

Customization & Configuration

  • Create and edit Custom Entities, Fields, Relationships, Layouts, and Labels through the UI
  • Add your own brand logo and change the application Theme
  • Configure your homepage by adding Dashlets and subdividing the Dashboard into sections
  • Build Custom Modules, Views, Panels, Dashlets, and Buttons
  • Create your own Themes
Developer Custom Entities

Seamless Integrations

  • Create custom EspoCRM integrations with third-party apps using REST API & Webhooks
  • Keep your data in sync with Google Contacts & Calendar (add-on)
  • Keep your data in sync with Outlook Contacts & Calendar (add-on)
  • Integrate your CRM with telephony providers (add-on)
  • Sync your marketing Campaigns with Mailchimp (add-on)
Developer Integrations

Business Process Automation

  • Automate routine operations with Workflows (add-on)
  • Model and streamline complex business processes with BPM (add-on)
  • Quick Approval Processes and powerful Flowchart builder (add-on)
  • Monitor the flow log of every business process in the Processes section (add-on)
Developer Business Process Automation

Smooth Data Migration

  • Export your data to CSV and Excel formats
  • Import information from a CSV file
  • Check the import file for duplicated records
  • Add Contacts, Leads & Accounts into Target Lists while importing data
Developer Import

Powerful Business Analytics

  • Use out-of-the-box Grid, Joint Grid, and List reports or create custom ones to monitor business performance (add-on)
  • Predict Future Revenue based on the probability percentage of Opportunities (add-on)
  • Add Report Panels to the detail views (add-on)
  • Use Report Dashlets to instantly view analytics on your homepage
  • Export to Excel or send Report Results in Emails (add-on)
Developer Reports

Manage relationships with business clients

  • Create and store data about Leads, Contacts, Accounts
  • View the history of interactions with each record (Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Emails, Documents, Cases, etc.)
  • Capture Leads from the web-forms on your site automatically
  • Use Kanban View to visualize your data
  • Limit access to customer data with Security Roles
  • Follow records to stay updated about all changes
Developer Sales Management

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