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As a dentist, you may often feel overburdened by the myriad of administrative tasks you need to perform on a daily basis. Combining the dental practice procedures with administrative operations and managing your patients can be overwhelming for a single practitioner. CRM software can back you up and take over routine tasks. The platform allows you to create a centralized database of patient records, improves appointment scheduling, and automates marketing. It ensures that your patients will get the best experience so that they will return to your dental clinic when the need arises. Apart from that, CRM systems solve “slow response” problems. It provides the ability to create standardized auto-reply templates for your patient’s inquiries and set up automatic reply sending when specific conditions are met. In addition, with extensive patient portfolios stored in the system, you can improve your marketing strategies and gain valuable analytical insights into the performance of your business.

Holistic Patient Profiles

  • Store the data about Accounts, Contacts, and Leads in one place
  • Customize profiles with Entity and Layout Managers
  • Keep track of all interactions (Calls, Appointments, Tasks, Emails)
  • Automate Lead Capture from your website
  • Sync Contact records with Google & Outlook Contacts (add-on)
  • Export and import record with a few clicks
Dentist Contacts

Efficient Document Management

  • Store documents with patient tests, prescriptions, insurance, etc.
  • Link documents to the corresponding patient records
  • Use Search Filters to find the needed file quickly
  • Categorize documents with Document Folders
  • Control who can view, add or edit documents with Security Roles
Dentist Security Roles

Centralized Channels of Communication

  • Receive and send emails directly in the CRM
  • Send email auto-responses with Template Manager & Workflows (add-on)
  • Filter your incoming mail with Email Folders & Filters
  • Make and receive calls with VoIP Integration (add-on)
  • See the full call history in the record profile
  • Add comments when the call is in progress (add-on)
Dentist VoIP

Appointment Scheduling

  • Schedule Appointments, Calls, Tasks, etc. in Calendar
  • Automate sending of appointment confirmation emails
  • Set up reminders to remember about upcoming patient visits
  • Use Shared Calendars to see the availability of the dental team
  • Add Dashlets with Calendar and Appointment List to your homepage
Dentist Scheduling

Advanced Sales Pipeline Management

  • Customize sales stages with Entity & Layout Managers
  • Monitor and evaluate every Sales Opportunity
  • Create the catalog of the medical services you offer (add-on)
  • Automate generation of Quotes, Sales Orders & Invoices (add-on)
  • Visualize the sales cycle with Kanban Boards
Dentist Sales Pipeline

Key Business Statistics

  • Monitor business performance with Grid & List Reports (add-on)
  • Create custom reports (add-on)
  • Export or schedule report sending in emails (add-on)
  • Add report panels and dashlets to have key metrics at hand (add-on)
  • Populate Target Lists for Campaigns with Report Results (add-on)
Dentist Reports

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