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Manage contacts, deals, and emails with EspoCRM
As your business grows, tracking customer and sales data in spreadsheets and organizing business communication in various mailboxes become major struggles. If you take seriously the growth and success of your business, you need CRM software that will organize your data and help to run your business efficiently. The CRM system is an indispensable assistant when it comes to managing huge amounts of data and complex customer relationships. In the beginning, your employees can use the platform to organize all the data and processes of a company. The software can store information about current and potential customers and the history of all interactions with them (calls, meetings, tasks, emails, deals, etc.). Once the business expands to require more than just these basic functionality, the solution will aid with marketing optimization, customer support, and business process automation. Moreover, it can provide powerful insights into the effectiveness of all business aspects, including the performance of your sales and support teams, the efficacy of marketing campaigns, sales growth metrics, and revenue forecasts.

Accurate Customer View

  • Keep Contacts, Leads, and Accounts in one place
  • Adjust views and entities with Entity, Label & Layout Managers
  • Associate Calls, Meetings, Tasks & Emails with relevant customers
  • Use Lead Capture to streamline the generation of new leads
  • Keep Contacts in sync with Google and Outlook Contacts (add-on)
  • Migrate data with ease using Export and Import tools
Beginners Customer View

Strategic Sales Management

  • Manage & customize sales opportunities
  • Visualize stages of the sales pipeline with Kanban Boards
  • List the products and services in the Product Catalog (add-on)
  • Automate the creation of Quotes, Sales Orders & Invoices (add-on)
  • Manage Taxes, Multiple Currencies, and Shipping details
Beginners Sales Management

Real-Time Activity Management

  • Keep up with current and upcoming Calls, Meetings & Tasks
  • Add and edit custom events
  • Use in-app and email notifications about future events
  • Set up Shared Calendars for efficient teamwork
  • Sync EspoCRM Calendar with Google & Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Beginners Activity Management

Efficient Marketing & Unified Inbox

  • Send and receive emails directly from EspoCRM
  • Keep your inbox in order with Email Folders and Filters
  • Create Documents out of attachments
  • Use Template Manager for email personalization
  • Utilize Target Lists to segment the target audience
  • Send marketing emails with Campaigns
  • View campaign logs to monitor marketing performance
Beginners Marketing

Better Customer Support

  • Create self-service Customer Portals
  • Add Knowledge Base with self-help articles
  • Use Portal Roles to limit access to CRM data
  • Monitor issues and their statuses with Cases
  • Set up Email-to-Case creation
Beginners Customer Support

Core Business Metrics

  • Track real-time sales statistics with Reports (add-on)
  • Forecast Revenue based on current opportunities (add-on)
  • Add key analytics to your Dashboard (add-on)
  • Use reports to populate Target Lists (add-on)
  • Export and/or send sales reports in emails (add-on)
Beginners Reports

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