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Frequent interaction with customers is an essential part of every business, and the architecture industry is not an exception. That being said, making efforts to organize the client data properly prevent the occurrence of errors, ensure consistent communication and a smooth customer experience that is the key to retaining more customers and increasing income. A CRM system is a solution that can significantly assist with these tasks. The software allows companies to centralize data about clients, projects, tasks, sales, and payments. It simplifies routine sales operations, such as invoicing, quote generation, creation of follow-ups and changing of statuses with the help of workflow and BPM tools. In addition, the platform provides tools for automating reporting, monitoring deadlines, sharing documents, and improving data search. A dedicated CRM solution will also boost the performance of your teams by creating a collaborative space where each team member has instant access to the needed information.

Better Activity & Project Management

  • Track Calls, Meetings, Tasks in Calendar
  • Create and add custom events
  • Plan and coordinate your Projects
  • Prioritize and visualize project data with Kanban View
  • Track project deadlines and budgeting
  • Get email and in-app notifications about events
  • Send invitations to the event attendees
  • Use one-click calendar sync with Google & Outlook Calendars (add-on)
Architecture Activities

Enhanced Client Management

  • Organize data about Accounts, Contacts & Leads in one place
  • Add custom fields, entities & relationships to client profiles
  • Keep track of client interaction history (Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Projects, etc.)
  • Capture leads from the website automatically
  • Import & Export data quickly and efficiently
  • Assign records to your sales team automatically with Workflow & BPM
  • Convert Leads into Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities
Architecture Client Management

Optimized Marketing Management

  • Send marketing email from CRM system with Campaigns
  • Personalize marketing messages with Email Templates
  • Embed Tracking Links in your marketing emails
  • Track campaign performance in logs
  • Segment target audience with Target Lists
  • Integrate EspoCRM with Mailchimp (add-on)
Architecture Marketing

Sales Pipeline Automation

  • Track the progress of each Opportunity and Project
  • Depict your sales cycle visually with Kanban View
  • Automate the creation of Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices (add-on)
  • Add and manage Tax Rates (add-on)
  • Automate sales operations with Workflow & BPM tools (add-on)
  • Customize sales pipeline with Entity and Layout Managers
Architecture Sales Pipeline

Document and File Sharing

  • Upload and store Documents & Files in the CRM instance
  • View and associate Documents & Files with relevant records
  • Control access to Documents & Files with Security Roles
  • Create documents out of email attachments
  • Limit types and max size of uploaded files
  • Use Document Folders to keep files organized
Architecture Documents

Predictive Sales Analytics

  • Create custom Grid and List Reports (add-on)
  • Use Revenue Forecasting to predict income (add-on)
  • Configure Report Dashlets & Panels to access key metrics instantly (add-on)
  • Sync Target Lists for marketing campaigns with report results (add-on)
  • Schedule reports to be sent automatically via email (add-on)
Architecture Reports

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