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Why we choose Open Source Way

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift towards open source software. More and more companies on a global scale prefer to invest and rely on open source programs and apps and not just because the prices associated with them are significantly smaller.

Open source software provides individual and business clients with the opportunity to make the most out of an application’s features, without paying a fortune. This is especially helpful for small companies or start-ups with low capital, as it enables them to kickstart their businesses with zero investment. With EspoCRM, you can start your company without having to spend a much money – it’s actually absolutely free. What’s more, thanks to the specifics of open source software, you are guaranteed with high quality and complete functionality of the software you’re using.

The main advantage of the open source is that it’s tested by a number of people. Open source software is based on the principle of sharing and exchanging information, making it increasingly accessible. This means that anyone can contribute, gain more knowledge, and further facilitate the growth and development of the idea. As open source allows participation of more than one person, it actually fosters team work and can result in better, quicker and more creative results.

Working together and contributing towards a common objective is the key to successful teamwork, which, in turn, builds and maintains stronger communities. Open source software stimulates the emergence of new ideas and solutions and constant contribution ensures that the functionality and quality of the end product will always be top notch.

In addition to being vigorously tested by the community, open source products also tend to grow much quicker than the alternative ones. Open source software encourages people to work together and contribute towards the end product – whether it will be resources, ideas or innovation. It fosters creativity and brings minds and people together towards a common objective.

Of course, this also means greater flexibility. Open source software is not limited to only testing the code – anyone can reprogram it, whether to fix the bugs or simply customize the application to fit their unique business model.

We choose the open source way because we aim to create better CRM solution. By fostering collaboration, open source software allows talented developers and passionate supporters to constantly grow and develop the end products by contributing skills and ideas, resulting in a high quality, rigorously tested and completely secure product that doesn’t cost you a thing!

EspoCRM is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3).

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